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Feb 012017

Through the blood of Jesus we find our healing and our deliverance!

Oração de Libertação: Preciosíssimo Sangue de JesusWe need to be guarded under the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. So I invite you to pray this prayer, that will certainly be a source of healing and deliverance.

But for you the blood will mark the houses where you are. Seeing the blood, I will pass over you; thereby, when I strike the land of Egypt, no destructive blow will come upon you. (Exodus 12.13 NABRE)

And the word of God in the confirm:

For if the blood of goats and bulls and the sprinkling of a heifer’s ashes can sanctify those who are defiled so that their flesh is cleansed, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from dead works to worship the living God.(Hb 9.13-14 NABRE)


Lord Jesus Christ, in your name, and with the power of thy precious blood, we seal each person, fact or event through which the enemy wants to harm us.
With the power of the blood of Jesus, we seal all destructive power in the air, on land, on water, on fire, beneath the ground, in the depths of hell and the world in which we move.

With the power of the blood of Jesus, we break down all interference and evil action. We ask you, Lord, that you send to our homes and workplaces the Blessed Virgin Mary, accompanied by St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and your entire Court of Holy Angels.

With the power of the blood of Jesus, we seal our house, all who inhabit (name each one), the people the Lord will send, as well as all food and goods that He generously grants us for our livelihood.

With the power of the blood of Jesus, we seal land, doors, windows, objects, walls and floors and the air we breathe; in faith we put a circle of your blood around our family.
With the power of the blood of Jesus, we seal places where we’ll be this day and people, companies and institutions with whom we will interact.

With the power of the blood of Jesus, we seal our material and spiritual work, our family business, the vehicles, the roads, the air, the streets and any means of transport that we will use.

With your most precious blood, we seal the acts, the minds and hearts of our country so that your peace and your Heart in the end may it reign.

We thank thee Lord, for thy most precious blood, by which we are saved and preserved from evil.  Amen

God bless you!

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