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Dec 282017

The Importance of Family

At the end of the year various thoughts and feelings invade our life. Longing, joy, loneliness, gratitude, frustration, fulfillment, anxiety and so many other emotions. They are the fruit of thoughts we create without our realizing it. All this is showered with celebrations that celebrate a time, a cycle! Whether at work, at school, with friends, but especially with family. Even if, in your work, you do not celebrate, or at school or college, the cycle ends and the dream party does not take place; at home they will always have something.

The word celebrate has its Latin etymology “celebrare”, which means to honor, to do solemnity, to notice, to perceive. Christmas and New Year, are dates that are repeated year by year and, therefore, there is no way to not perceive the existence of these dates. All express in this time their emotions and concrete gestures of solidarity. It is a time to reflect, to evaluate, to project and to be together. It is at this time of the year that many families come together, be it with good relationships or not so much. But the certainty of remembering the birth of Jesus is salvific for us and thus promotes in every Christian the desire to be better and then to be born again.

This is what we need to promote this year: gather around the family table and together with it celebrate! Celebrate the life and victories of each one; let go of the anguish, heartache, sadness, which are sometimes potentialized in an egocentric way of seeing life. Also, let’s promote forgiveness and peace!

It’s time to be reborn
This is a favorable moment for reconciliation, because the human being in waiting and celebrating “The Child Jesus” opens to the manifestation of God. And, this boy, is born every year in the hearts of those who allow him to be born. It is time to prepare the house for the great feast of birth. And forgiveness is the great cleaning agent we need to clean our home interior. When we forgive, we pass over pride, vanity, self-centeredness, and discover that we can be new men and women, enhanced by having the experience of wanting to live better.

To be around a table with those who inhabit your heart is to say that you love them! Give a smile, a hug, a “Congratulations on the achievements of the year of 2017, “is an act of love. And how to celebrate if the heart is full of hurt and rancor? Here is an opportune moment for reconciliation and celebration. It is the new reality that wants to be inaugurated in the life of each one. A new affection, a new way of seeing life and relating to people. So if you do not get in the habit of dining with your family and family, try it out this year. Share stories, moments and multiply affection at the end of the year!

Aline Rodrigues
Canção Nova Community

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