from New Song Chile: A Rich Man Bought a Slave to Give Him Freedom

They tell a story that in the times of slavery of the 19th century, a man with money saw the suffering of the slaves, how they were treated by their owners.

One day, this man decided to do something different: He decided to buy a slave, but although he had money, he never bought a slave, he was all along against slavery. He chose the best slave, the most expensive the strongest and most built physically. Once in his hands, he said to the slave, I bought you that you may be free. The slave looked at him incredulous, not believing, thinking that his new owner was going to beat him.

“You are free, go.” Ordered the owner. The slave, still unbelieving began to turn in search of his new liberty, fearing that he will be reached by his owner. Later after runnning a long road, he stopped running, paused and decided to return to where he was a slave. Upon arriving he said to his owner. I was a slave, you bought me at a good price, I was made free and, in my freedom, I decided to serve you for the rest of my days. And from this day, he began to serve the rich man. He was happy, but his owner was not like the others. He gave him what he needed: Love.

So is the story of salvation that God has realized in us. Before we were slaves, we were bought at a good price, the price of blood, Jesus died and resurrected through love of us. With this, we reach liberty and salvation. One once free, we choose to serve Jesus Christ our Lord.

We live as men and women free, not as slaves of the world and of our sins. He already freed us and saved us, We serve our King.

God Bless You.

Cancion Nueva Chile

Translated from Spanish

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