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Jul 232018

The Lord is speaking, but we do not want to hear Him
Today, young peopleare like sheep without a shepherd . But this is not because of lack of pastors in the Church, because we have many bishops and priests.

When we think of a flock of sheep, we soon imagine a beautiful field, where the sheep graze, and a shepherd is sitting in the shade of the trees tending them.

In the time of Christ, He presented Himself as the “Good Shepherd”, because He had compassion on the people, since the ones the Jews considered shepherds, the chief priests and the lawyers, were not caring for the flock. Thus the flock suffered attacks from the wolves and, Jesus, was willing to lay down His life for His “sheep.”

Listen to the Good Shepherd
My brethren, if we do not hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, we will be carried by the wolf, that is, by Satan.

The failure to listen to the Good Shepherd began from the lie told to Eve in Paradise. One fine day, Eve talked to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The serpent advised Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, but God had already instructed her not to eat it. Eve believed the serpent’s lie and this was because she would not listen to the Lord.

Disobedience to God
According to Sacred Scripture, Satan is the father of lies. Therefore, when we listen to Him and fail to hear the Word of God, out of pure rebelliousness, we fall into the serpent’s lie. This lie leads us from death to death, from disgrace to disgrace.

The herd without a shepherd
God is speaking, but the servants do not want to listen to Him. They prefer to listen to wolves and therefore become sheep without a shepherd. Often, it is only with the experience of bad situations that we come to hear the Lord.

Jesus the Good Shepherd
To hear the voice of Christ, we must stop running from the voice that sounds in our heart.

Just as the Father is love, we must love and be loved. Only really loves those who do not give up on each other.

We need to help each other to go to Heaven.

Fr. Paulo Ricardo Azevedo

Jul 202018

Lucidity in the choices

Choices, when done with lucidity, can promote the qualification of personal life and the integral development of society. Freedom of choice is a right, but it is necessary to know the consequences of each decision. For this reason, it is not advisable that the choices should be made simply by 
conveniences. Neither should they be determined by the psychic and affective dynamics of individuals, as they impact on socio-political and cultural contexts. Thus, only the lucidity in the choices, fruit of the indispensable exercise of discernment, is capable of generating the necessary balance to the decisions directed towards the common good.

To ensure lucidity in choices, we need to cultivate discernment

Illustrative photo: XtockImages by Getty Images

And every process of discernment is complex. It reveals individual weaknesses, regardless of social, academic and economic conditions. Thus, the secret of good discernment lies in the human and spiritual competence to articulate concepts, information and to see, with greater clarity, reality. But in many situations, people are not able to discern well. Even more troubling is when individuals with large responsibilities are unprepared. Managers who have a duty to represent the people make inadequate choices, causing devastating impacts on society.

For this reason, it is necessary to choose these managers, specifically in the electoral process. Many submit their names to the suffrage of the ballot boxes moved exclusively by vanity. Worse, the presence in politics of people who seek to occupy positions only to serve private interests, or 
satisfy the desire to have the “power in the hands”. After all, the manager is expected to have a competent government in discernment and choices, prioritizing effectiveness in solving different problems without delays and losses. But, unfortunately, it is often found that they occupy strategic places without the slightest 
perception of their own responsibilities. Instead of presenting results, a prevailing gossip prevails with endless justifications.

New Leaders

This scenario is especially worrying nowadays, when institutions are challenged to remodel, adapting to contemporary reality. And in instances of power, those who represent the people, rather than offering solutions to the many problems, are more concerned with maintaining positions and privileges. They do not even dedicate themselves to the necessary exercise of self-criticism, essential for not repeating mistakes. Lack of lucidity. A pathology that threatens different institutions, submits to the disconnections and idiosyncrasies of its leaders.

Urgent is the emergence of new leaders, capable of leading processes with detachment and intelligence. Particularly, this is an unquestionable necessity for Brazil , which needs to rearticulate the course of democracy, so weakened by the management of those who have followed the paths of pettiness, instead of prioritizing the common good. In this sense, the Brazilian citizen is challenged to choose his representatives well in this year’s elections. Managers and legislators capable of perceiving the complex reality of the country must be sought.

Among the many challenges to be faced is, therefore, the qualification of the political community. The unique opportunity for this is voting at the polls. In order not to lose it, each person must choose his candidate lucidly, considering the proposals that really seek the good of society. Of the politicians, a clear understanding of the real importance of the people is expected, as the Social Doctrine of the Church teaches: people are not an amorphous multitude, an inert mass to be manipulated and instrumentalized, but a set of people with the right to form its own opinion about the public issues, to express its political sensibility and to assert it in a manner consistent with the common good.

It is not enough for politicians to ambitiously to take places in governance processes. We must intuit new ways. The starting point will always be cultivation-learning of discernment, to ensure lucidity in choices.

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Archbishop Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Bishop Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo, holds a PhD in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University. Current member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for the Eastern Churches. In Brazil, he is a reference bishop for the Catholic faithful of the Eastern Rite.

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Jul 192018

Lord Jesus Christ comes to pour out Your grace on this child

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit . Amen! Heavenly Father, I praise and thank you for allowing this life and for forming this child your image and likeness. Send forth Your Holy Spirit and light up my womb. Fill it with Your light, power, majesty and glory, just as you did in the maternal womb of Mary to generate Jesus.


Illustrative photo: Daniel Mafra /

Lord Jesus Christ, come, with Your love and Your infinite mercy , to pour out Your grace on this child.

Remove any negativity that may have been transmitted to it, consciously or unconsciously, as well as any and all rejection. If at any time I thought about aborting, I reject that now!

Wash me of every heritage of the curse that came from our ancestors; any genetic disease or what is even transmitted by infection; any and all deformity; all kinds of addiction that she can inherit from us, her parents. Wash this child with Your precious Blood and fill it with Your Holy Spirit and Your Truth. From now on, I consecrate the child to you, asking you to baptize her in your Holy Spirit and that her life be fruitful in your infinite love.

Wash in Your Blood all contamination from occultism, maldictions, spiritism, food or consecrated drinks.I know that it was Your Holy Spirit who fertilized the child in my bosom, and I know that You are able to make all things new, so I am asking you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, come and teach me to care for this child as you took care of Jesus in Your mother’s womb. Send forth, Lord, Your angels, that they may intercede for this little child before the house of the Most Holy Trinity.

Thank you, Father, for this beautiful child. Thank you, Holy Spirit , for flooding this child with grace.

Thank you, Jesus, for healing this child. I give this child to you. May she honor and glorify God now and for all eternity. Amen! Hallelujah! Amen!

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Jul 182018

Translation: “Faith makes us stronger”


We are living vehicles of the living God

The man without God can even succeed in his life, be charitable, achieve all the goals he sets himself, have an exemplary family, be a good husband, a good wife, a good son, a good mother.

But deep down, when the mind is silent , when all the worries seem to have ceased and there remains only that solitude that makes us think in the sense of our own existence, what does the soul say?What’s the point of getting out of bed each day and moving on? What will remain at the end of our journey? And what awaits us after the end? Total annihilation? Another life, a new chance? It is in these moments that it becomes inevitable to think of God.

The human soul cries out for the return to the presence of the Father, from which we have been deprived by the action of sin . Culture tries to build, but it is not in myths, statues, half-man gods, half-livestock or mere philosophies. To know God we have to first discover that He lives in us and to know that this presence is given by grace.

It is simply and wonderfully just this: God is present and alive in us . We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are living vehicles of the living God.

The Lord bless you! 
His brother,

Wellington Jardim (Eto) 
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII

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Jul 172018

translation: “Love bends, but does not break!”

The Word of God prepares us for the second coming of Jesus

In the formation of the and holy in us, we rely on the Word of God, the light of our walk. We need to assimilate it in faith and prayer and put it into practice, because we do not seek an earthly and transient perfection, but an eternal one, in the likeness of Jesus, the Son of God.

The Word is the effective means of convincing ourselves that God has placed us in the world to know Him, to love Him and to reach Heaven. With the Word we have the Eucharist, which transform us in the living Christ.

Monsignor Jonas Abib tells us: “The Church makes us proclaim: ‘As we live in hope, we await the coming of the Savior Christ’ and she calls us to ask in every Eucharist : ‘Come, Lord Jesus’, she herself stirs up in us the joyful expectation of the Lord at His second coming. “

Jesus I trust in you!

Luzia Santiago 
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Jul 162018

Translation: “Stay strong my child”

The foundation of our faith must be in God

Often God works wonders in our lives. He improves economic situations, rebuilds marriages, heals diseases. But, unfortunately, many just support their faith only in this: they only believe if God does what they want.

This is not right! We have the example of Paul, who had many disappointments with his people and with the high priest, but still, he continued to trust in God. The foundation of his faith was not in people, but in God alone. So he was not disappointed.

His brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib 
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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