Archbishop Walmor: How to Discern Between Good and Bad Judgements

The art of conducting life is challenging in order to discern judgments and misunderstandings. Judgments need, fundamentally, the humanistic and ethical competence that governs, in the rationality of each individual, the processes of discernment regarding values ​​and principles. Cultivating this competence must be a goal and requires unrestricted openness to dialogue. To ensure successful decisions, judgments must be guided by noble sense of citizenship and by the understanding that life is a precious gift . Continue reading →

In the Society of the Perfect, Is There Room for the Imperfect

In the society of the perfect, being imperfect is out of fashion. When we turn on the television or access the internet, we find prototypes of perfect people. Imperfect human beings made up with a sacred appearance. A strong tendency of the present times is the requirement that the other be perfect. This mark of our time comes disguised as "lack of patience": "I have no patience with the people of my family," "I am extremely impatient with my co- workers ," "My parents are not the way I want them "... Phrases like these are more common than we dare to imagine. Continue reading →