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Feb 132019

Translation: Stay strong my son!!

Our hands are to do His works

Repeat with faith this inspired phrase: “Everything can be changed by prayer!”. Everything can be transformed by the intervention of God.

Read with faith: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, will do the works that I do, and greater works than these. For I go to the Father “ (Jn 14:12).

Jesus is saying with this: “While I am there, to the will of the Father, and I can not be here; while I am with the Father, those who believe in me will do the works that I do, and even greater works. In that time between my going and my return, between Ascension and Parusia, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do. “

That’s why we’re doing it. Of course, it’s not us, but the Lord! But the Lord is working through us. We are the hands, the arms, the mouth of the Lord. We are members of the Body of Christ.

When He returns, healings will no longer be needed, because then there will be no sickness, no death, no pain or mourning. But for the time being, this is the law of the Kingdom of God , the eternal principle: while Jesus is there, at the right hand of the Father, those who believe in Him are to do the works that He has done. We are now, in fact, the members of Christ. It is our hands that must do His works.

His brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Jan 032019

The remedy for a chaste life

Faithfulness and love are the way to a life of chastity


Marriage was created in the earthly paradise where physical life was lived to a much greater spiritual degree than we have today, for Adam saw God face to face. He missed a mate. God created them and united them in marriage.

How is it possible to live chastity in the present times?

Illustrative photo: Bruno Marques /

Even decayed from paradise, there was marriage, which is a natural right, which did not require religious, social, civic, etc. ceremony. Any deal was worth it. If a man came to a woman, saying that he loved her, that he would be faithful to death, and wanted to form a family with her, they would be contracting marriage. Over time, the public ceremony was demanded, because of human weakness, which did not follow the promised commitments. People perceived something sacred there.

The problem, however, is that this marriage, without the interference of Jesus, hindered spiritual development. Looking at the past and the present, we can see how many jealousies, unemployment, time to pray that you do not have, how many diseases of children exist within marriage! We even forgot about holiness. We think that being a simple Catholic who does not sin badly is already good. We push the union with God to celibates, whose hearts must be 100% handed over to Him. Even St. Paul himself, knowing all this, recommends celibacy (I Cor. 7,1). Natural law marriage has become the greatest trap for those who want to have spiritual life.

Marriage as a sacrament

Our Lord came to call everyone to a holy life, united with Him. Among the first Christians there were not so many celibates. These have arisen over time. How did Jesus solve this impasse? He raised the marriage to a sacrament. This being only lawful if contracted by people baptized, because it is in baptism that is the key to make the marriage a sacrament, because when we are baptized we become children of God.

The sacrament is the effective symbol of what it represents. It actually produces what it shows as a symbol! Marriage is the sign that reveals the love between Christ and the Church . “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved his Church and gave himself up for her” (Eph 5:24). Christ added another purpose that was not in the natural contract, transforming it into an effective path of holiness. It is not putting your spouse and children in Jesus’ place, but rather a complete self-abnegation for the sake of the other. It brings focus to the spiritual life . Further! The bosom of a family of deep-rooted faith is the best possible environment for the best Christians to be born! Being a sacrament, marriage brings in itself the supernatural grace for this to be fulfilled.

How good and perfect God is! Against this backdrop, let us adjust our focus.

Sanctification of marriage

Marriage is a contract by which the spouses, a man and a woman, being only one companion of the other, give each other the right over their own bodies, for the use that nature has established, for the procreation and creation of the offspring . Each one owns his own body, but in marriage he is given to acts which, according to the natural order, are those which nature has instituted capable of generating offspring.  Hence, any other form of intercourse are excluded.

Marriage is for the formation of a family with generation of offspring, also for the mutual assistance of the spouses, therefore, it is possible to marry also those who can not bear children. Moreover, marriage is a remedy against concupiscence. If a person does not think about marrying, he does not feel lacking in company, but can not run out of sex, this is contradictory! It’s not good living single. One can not live chaste in today’s world without the help of God’s grace.

By Christian doctrine, the requirement of a public ceremony remains from the necessity of celebration within a Church, before the priest and witnesses, made official in document.

For most people, this is the ordinary path of sanctification. Like it or not, most people are and will be married. For these people, there is no other way of salvation except through the experience of the sacrament of matrimony . However, it remains a double-edged sword: whether one lives as a sacrament or has no sanctification. The sacramentality of marriage presupposes a regulated sex life. If he disarms, he ends up with the only chance of sanctifying himself. You may even be a practicing Catholic, but if you can not live marriage as a sacrament, you will not be able to sanctify yourself.

Hence, one realizes how sexuality has something to do with love of neighbor and sublime love!

Lastly, as far as chastity is concerned, we are here at the moment. But later, we are going to touch on one more fundamental point for singles and married couples to have a chaste life, far beyond what we put in last week’s text and this one. Stay tuned for texts.


Roger de Carvalho

Roger de Carvalho, born in Brasilia, DF, has been a member of the Canção Nova Community since 2000. Married to Elisangela Brene and father of two children. He is a student of Theology and Philosophy.
Author of the blog ” Ad Veritaten “.(Clicking on this link brings you to a blog translated by Google to Portuguese. This may not be an exact translation.)

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Jan 022019

Each stage of life demands of us growth and psychic maturation

We can say that our life has the movement of a roller coaster, with its ups and downs, slow and accelerate, ups and downs, starting point and arrival. The fear and cold in the belly, often, are the companions of this journey, so essential and at the same time, so paralyzing. The natural cycle of life consists of natural changes, such as birth, the transition from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adult life (consisting of young, middle, and late adult life) and finally old age.

Do not be afraid to change the course of your life.

Illustrative photo: Bruno Marques /

As much as we have a notion of what it is, it will always be new to live each step. Here you can still see people who are paralyzed at one stage of their lives, such as adults who behave as children and develop what we call the “Peter Pan Syndrome” or adults who bring the fear of getting old and live paralyzed in their way of acting and dressing, of his young adult life, what we call living the “pseudo-ideal.”

These changes, by themselves, are already rich in adventures, since each stage of life demands of us growth and psychic maturation. Let’s look at a teenager: he lives the challenges of bodily, intellectual change and still chooses the profession that will lead his life . How not to be afraid? How not to paralyze in some points? Fear is something natural of our psychic structure, which often “saves” us. The problem is when he has more strength and paralyzes us for a long time.


Do not stand in fear!

Now, let’s think about adulthood in an ordinary way. It alone is also rich in challenges: marriages, profession, pursuit of financial stability, children, work, care and concerns with aging parents, and so many other realities experienced. Realities that have as a background the desire for happiness ! Is not true?

When do situations arise that require a change, such as unemployment, which will require you to go out and get a new job, whether in the same area or even a completely different area? A change of city, country, culture? A change of lifestyle with the arrival of a child that requires specific care, because it has some disease or syndrome? A radical change in eating habits to lose weight? A change in leaving the addiction ? Ultimately, life requires us to be open to change. But often, for fear of not having control, of not knowing what will happen, for fear of not accounting, we prevent big dreams from coming true. We booze our lives and we become paralyzed in a routine that I can control.

Here, I leave a tip for anyone who feels the need for change . Dream, plan on paper, set goals for dream fulfillment, stipulate monthly and quarterly goals for the changes that need to be made and REALIZE! Change what is not good and improve what it already is! Remembering that fear will always accompany you, because it belongs to our nature, just do not stop at it!

Aline Rodrigues

Aline Rodrigues is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community, in the second link mode. She is a psychologist since 2005, with specializations in clinical and business area and post-graduate in Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. He has professional experience in clinical, business and teaching.

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Dec 312018

Get ready to live this new year with joy and hope

Another new year is approaching! At this time, hope is renewed and with this we make a series of promises for ourselves; we make plans, we are determined to do a lot of things like losing weight, studying, doing physical exercise, etc. But often, we only remember those promises when the end of the year comes and we stop to take stock of what we live . At this point, some people simply tell themselves that “this time it will be different!” And make new plans. Others, when faced with their unfulfilled plans, feel themselves to be unsuccessful and frustrated.

We need to do a good analysis of what we live through the year, see what goals we achieve and what we can not achieve. In this last one, we need to have the courage to identify what really was our fault, to recognize the mistakes and limits , and what was the result of situations beyond our control, for example diseases.

That in this new year your hopes are renewed

Illustrative Photo: Andréia Britta /

In what we failed, what really lacked?

Often the plans we make at the end of the year are taken by the heat of emotion, driven by the impulse or influence of friends, or even the media; lacking a real inner commitment, a planning. Plans called “out-of-mouth” are repeated year after year without reaching any results. To complain, to complain about oneself and the world, leads to nothing. It takes an active and courageous attitude.

I invite you, then, to look within and answer: what do I really want for 2019? What am I really going to commit to? Change of life requires commitment, renunciation, and effort. Goals and plans are not achieved without struggle. After you answer that question, you need to think, “What are the steps I need to take? Will I need to seek help from someone or from a professional? “ That is, if you want to get to the end of the year with your plans made, you need to plan what you are going to do. One caution you need to take is to not fill up with many plans and goals, because the risk of reaching the end of the year and facing the same situation is great.


May you have a happy and blessed 2019!

Manuela Melo

Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist, Manuela Melo attended an MBA in People Management. Member of the Canção Nova Community for 20 years, today the psychologist works in Recife and Surubim, both cities of the State of Pernambuco in Brazil, where she currently resides. Contact:




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Oct 182018

Translation: Stay firm, my child

We all need the pure love of each other. We need the love of our father; and how important is the presence, warmth, security and firmness of the father as well as the corrections, orders, even the anger and berate the father … All this is love. Self-respect as a father it is necessary, essential in the formation. Essential to our growth, our balance, our maturity.

Similarly, I don’t need to tell you how much we need the love of mother, the presence, the affection of mother, mother’s own correction, forgiveness that only mother can give.

We all need the pure love of our brothers and sisters, of living, of differences, even the difficulties between brothers and sisters. It’s all part of our growth, our maturity. Without it we affectively mature.

Love is the result of learning, we need to learn. The family is the environment for this to happen in a natural way. So, let us decide, today, for loving our family.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community Canção Nova

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Oct 152018

Learn a little about the devotion of the Brazilian people


The eve of the day 12 October, feast of the patron saint of Brazil, many Brazilians will walk in pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Aparecida located in Aparecida, Sao Paulo, Brazil with an expression of faith and devotion to our Lady of Aparecida.

Throughout the year, devotees from all parts of Brazil come to the shrine, but during the month of October, the number of pilgrims increases. According to the Redemptorist Missionary of the province of São Paulo, Brother Alan Zuccherato, the Brazilian people have an immense affection and devotion to Nossa Senhora Aparecida [Our Lady Appeared]

Check out the interview with brother Alan and also the story of the singer Fernanda Silva, who talks about her faith, devotion and promise, by our mother, our Lady Appeared, for she was cured of a serious problem of bronchitis and shortness of breath. Use translation subtitle feature through YouTube


Devotion and faith How do you characterize the devotion of the Brazilian people to Our Lady Aparecida?

Brother Alan: This trait becomes more pronounced in the title of Aparecida. We can prove this through the words of  Pope John Paul II: “we must remain in ´ school of Mary”, and she ays: “Here, in Aparecida, The heart of Catholic Brazilians beats.” And Pope Francis said: “God offered to Brazil, here in Aparecida, His own mother”. The Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady Appeared (Nossa Senhora Aparecida), affectionately called the house of the mother and of the Brazilian people, is a form of expression of this devotion.

We heard testimonies of pilgrims themselves that this is a trip worth it and it makes life more blessed. Through the novenas, prayer of the Rosary, our Lady’s chants and litanies, the devout person demonstrates his or her love for the Virgin Mary. It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian people are very Marian, as is, in our Lady, affection, tenderness, acceptance, help, intercession and maternal lap. We can say that each Marian shrine, parish and Community dedicated to our Lady is a little slice of heaven on Earth. The beauty of Marian devotion is exactly the mission that our Lady has: bringing her son Jesus to us and taking us all to him “.

Pilgrims How does the spirituality of the Pilgrim reveal itself in the Shrine of Aparecida?

Brother Alan: The shrine of Aparecida is always concerned about hosting well the pilgrim of our Lady. The Pilgrimage is always a good time to meet God, as this sacred Shrine is home to him, with a meeting of brothers and sisters who flock here to celebrate life, hear the word of God, participate in the sacraments. This experience of faith renews their hope and is a significant opportunity to resume important appointments of the Christian life, living the values of the Gospel and engaging more in participation in the community , parish and Diocese. It all takes place in a lively and vibrant participation, as prescribed in the Concilium Sacrossanctum, of Vatican Council II, on the liturgy: “the people have the right to full participation, conscious, active and fruitful in the sacred mysteries of Christ”.

The beautiful view that every Pilgrim expresses in his or her way: by the smile, by the exchange of looks with our Lady, hands in prayer, in tears, lighting a candle, offering objects of promises kept, blessings of grace received, coming on foot, by car , van, bus, bike, motorcycle, truck … Are many ways, always touching their heart touched, in the certainty that the Mother Appeared, for all, has been a blessing.

Especially in this National Year of the Laity promoted by National Conference of Brazilian Bishoips, the sanctuary is emphasizing and enabling further participation and presence of the laity, who have a valuable contribution, effective and affective, so are all partners in evangelization which happens in this Marian pilgrimage Center. So, our spirituality is based on being “salt of the Earth and light of the world”.

Read more:
.: The name of Maria is sweet and soft to his devotees
.: You’ve done promise? It’s good to make that promise?
.: Reflect on the model of faith of the young Virgin Mary
.: Understand why our Lady is Queen and Mother of faith What is the connection of Our Lady Aparecida to the backcountry people?

Brother Alan: The image of Our Lady of Aparecida, found in the waters of the river Paraíba do Sul, in 1717, fished out of the river by the hands of three simple fishermen. From the beginning, the history of Aparecida identifies with the humblest, the historical context of slavery in our country, when the miraculous fishing happened and many other facts came forth that prove Our Lady Appeared to the backcountry people and to those who , in simplicity of heart, praise God. However, it is good to remember that all resort to the protection of our Lady, are the most rich, poor, of various cultures, literate or not; count all their grace and blessing, with the miracle of love is what our Lady specializes in reach for us, interceding to your son Jesus.

cancaonovacom: This October, the shrine receives a large number of pilgrims. How do you see and feel the devotion of the people Mother Appeared?

Brother Alan: It’s a great emotion to remember the nearly 13 million of pilgrims visiting the shrine of Aparecida during the year. This is already a fact that itself evangelizes and draws attention! This presence and the manifestation of the unspeakable joy of the Pilgrim makes us sure that: “how beautiful is the religion that remember the mother of Jesus” and confirms what the founder of the Congregation of the missionaries Redemptorists, St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori says “the true devotee of Mary never loses”. Here we pray, we rejoice in and cry with the story and life of each, this daily celebration let us always become more delighted and happy in the mission that we carry out.

By Alessandra Borges and Leticia Barbosa


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