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May 162018

Translation: Stay strong my child.

We need to come to Heaven as the image and likeness of God
God shapes us with the problems we face in our home. It is then that the Lord is chiseling you: in the difficulties you pass  through, even between husband and wife. In fact, we are thick with selfishness, wickedness, pride; of so many other things and it is not easy to break it all. In fact, we are really in need of repentance! God forms us in the workshop of life. God knows there is a lot of badness in us. The only way to get it out is by breaking us and cutting into the workshop of life. My bad ways, my pride and selfishness must be sanded off now in this life because there will be no other. Either God forms you in the workshop of this life, or you will get to Heaven unprepared. We need to come to Heaven as God’s image and likeness, so that our life can fit in and enter the life of God.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib

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May 152018

Our Lady helps us overcome the difficulties of life
My story with the Mother of Jesus began with Our Lady of Fatima. I was born in the parish of Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Imirim in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. She welcomed me because my birth was done at home. I lived in this same house until I got married. I was born on the day of St. John the Apostle, the one who adopted Our Lady as mother, after the death of his Son Jesus.

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I remember the time as a child, of the Hail Marys that I prayed in the houses, in the streets of the neighborhood or in the parish, where many prayed the rosary; in fact, just as we say that in the Canção Nova, it was Mary who did everything. We can say that Our Lady of Fatima made the neighborhood Imirim, because everything began after the construction of the Church.

Moment of pain: the death of my father
At six years of age, I lost my father, who drowned in a pilgrimage that our parish held in Salto de Itu. Father Constâncio Dalbezio, Vicar General, came to give us the painful news. During the wake, I remember, without understanding much, that I slept in the house next door, listening to the Hail Marys.

The burial was after carrying the casket, along the main avenue of the Imirim district. Praying the Hail Marys, the body of my father, Francisco, was transported to the cemetery after passing in front of the Church of Our Lady of Fatima. It was the farewell of a son, who was often an electrician of the Church and sang country songs at parties. He was from the Brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament.

Our Lady of Fatima and the spiritual and material help of the Consolata missionary priests were the strength and the encouragement for my mother. Even though I had to work as a maid and take care of the house and the children, my mother found time to participate in the Legion of Mary and visit the sick.

All my youth I spent working in this Parish of Our Lady of Fatima. I owe the Blessed Mother very much in my vocation as mother, wife, educator and teacher of my children.

Today, I can shout with you from the Canção Nova family to the four corners of the world: “I am consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Fatima”!

Thank you, Our Lady of Fatima, for your presence in my life since my birth.

Marina Adamo

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May 142018

translation: Stay strong, my child

The Lord wants us to surrender without conditions. . .We need to surrender unconditionally to God so that He will do His will in us. The will of God is the best for us. It was He who created us, it was not us who created us. It was He who loved us and brought us to life. He made us unique and continues to make us, because he knows what we ask and where we will be placed.

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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May 112018


Translation: The Faith Makes Us Stronger

The only hope that proves effective is that which we place on the Creator
The human being can not live without hope. There are individual hopes that reflect our more specific yearnings; reflect the needs contained in our personal biography. There are also collective hopes, which are the ones that make us try to build a better world, that lead us to follow this or that philosophy, to join this or that group of activists or volunteers. But one thing is certain: if our hopes are grounded in a faith in man, the result is one – frustration. The only hope that proves effective and guaranteed in its results is that which we place on the Creator, the Father; in the Savior, Jesus; in the Comforter, the Holy Spirit – in the One and Triune God. Today is a day of renewing our hope in Jesus. Shall we do this together? The Lord bless you!

Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII

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May 102018

To evangelize is to communicate Jesus Christ
In this “Light of Faith” program, I want to reflect with you on number 74 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which teaches the following:

The Transmission of Divine Revelation
74. God “desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2: 4), that is, of Jesus Christ (58). It is therefore necessary that Christ be proclaimed to all peoples and to all men, and that in this way the Revelation reaches the ends of the world:

Credit: Wesley Almeida /

God ordained, with the utmost kindness, that those things which he had revealed for the salvation of all peoples should always remain whole and be transmitted to all generations.

The Catechism of the Church in this issue, 74, is giving a word of order to me and to you: “It is necessary that Christ be proclaimed to all peoples and to all men.” What is the Catechism affirming? He affirms that it is necessary to evangelize.

We need to evangelize, my brethren, and not only as I do through the “Light of Faith” program, but we need to evangelize in our daily lives with our witness of Christian life at work; in school; at home; in traffic; finally, in the different realities that we find.

Monsignor Jonas Abib, founder of the Canção Nova [New Song] Community, teaches the members of the Community that evangelizing is more than preaching Kerygma, it is more than speaking about the Gospel; he teaches that to evangelize is to communicate Jesus Christ and to communicate Jesus Christ, it is necessary to be connected to Him.

So that you and I can evangelize, we need to be united, linked to God through prayer and adoration.

The rain that falls from Heaven, fertilizes the earth and causes it to bear fruit. As it is written in the book of the prophet Isaiah, the rain does not return to Heaven without having produced its effect (Is 55, 10-11). In the same way, the Word of God does not fail to produce the effect from its seed. You have to announce! God does His part, but there must be instruments – like you and me – that proclaim this prophetic Word, and it will have its effect, because the Word of God is always alive and effective.

A life that evangelizes
Working at the store, during one of our retreats at Canção Nova, a lady found me working at one of the cash registers in our store and she said to me, “Are not you going to preach on the stage today?” I said to her, “No, ma’am. This weekend, I’m helping in the store. ” Then the lady said to me, “Wow! I look at your life fromCanção Nova, and it is a testimony to me. Your life evangelizes me! ”

I confess to you that in listening to the words of that pilgrim who came to visit us, I felt very responsible. Because, that lady looked at my life and told me: “Your life, Alexander, evangelise me. Your way of being a husband; to be a father; to be a missionary is what evangelizes me. ” And that’s a big responsibility! For it concerns a witness of life, of being connected with Jesus, and of communicating it to men and women. This is evangelizing!

I am asking God: May he grant you the grace to communicate Jesus to all people, and that your evangelization be fruitful! May you, more and more, have that ardor, this fire of the Holy Spirit and the deep desire to evangelize and thus to rescue many souls for God, through a coherent Christian witness.

A big hug!

Alexandre Oliveira
Missionary of the Canção Nova Community

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May 092018

Translation: Be strong, my child

Let yourself be caught by God!
We are in a valley of tears, and the Lord knows where He has placed us. But that is precisely why we need to continually “hydrate.” Take care, because the swamp that we are exhausting is treacherous and leads to dehydration. If you are not continually being consecrated by the anointing that moisturizes,you will wither. Maybe you’re already withered. You are sad and dejected, you have made mistakes, you have entered with coldness in prayer and in the things of God, you have returned to the sins that you left behind. But do not stand on the ground, for the Spirit of the Lord rests upon you, and the Lord has consecrated you through the anointing. However bad you are, you do not have the right or the need to stay on the ground because the promises of God are irrevocable.

He promised: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me” (Is 61,1a). God is bending over to get you out of there. Wherever you are, let yourself be caught by God! It’s not because you’re in this situation you will not adore God. But it is from there: to worship in Spirit and Truth, in the clay and in the dirt in which you are.

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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