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Jun 182018

Spirituality is a life of relationship with God
Spirituality is our relationship with God, as the founder of the Canção Nova, Monsignor Jonas Abib, defines. According to him, spirituality is what we live in our daily lives, not something disembodied or inconstant.

Elijah, an instrument of exhortation to loyalty
Elijah was a prophet that God raised to bring his word to the nation of Israel in a time of idolatry. There were many false prophets, altars to gods, and human sacrifices, all abominable practices before the eyes of God.

In this context, Elijah, as one of the only representatives of the true God, has his famous clash with the prophets of Baal. In a show of strength, God manifests his power, while the prophets of Baal are ashamed.

God’s message to the nation of Israel is clear: it’s time to make a decision! One must choose to serve God or Baal, for without loyalty one can not truly live spirituality.

Loyalty is coherence
Today we live in a time when there is a lack of loyalty, whether at work, in the family or even in the church. Loyalty is a hearty decision, rooted in character, to remain consistent in your attitudes towards others.

When we make our decision, when we make a commitment to God, we must have loyalty! Consistency with our choice, for if we choose to serve Him, we must be loyal to Him. If we are loyal to Him, how can we be disloyal to our brethren? It takes loyalty.

Loyalty is authenticity
Let us not be traitors to God! Let us be legitimate and authentic, we can not live in masks, let us be consistent with our choices. Being an example not only for outsiders but for those inside our home.

But what if we make a mistake? If we’re disloyal? One must be reconciled. Reconciliation with one’s neighbor is the way to approach God. The only obstacle that prevents us from this is our own pride, our own hysteria. When we learn to silence ourselves, not to argue, but rather to forgive, then we will find the way to reconnect with God.

You have to calm down.
Unrestrained words are sources of our worst regrets. With them, we push people away from the will of God. To reassure ourselves, our ego, and our need to be right is difficult. But God’s purpose for us today is for us to reach out to reconcile and fellowship. It is not possible to want to be loyal to God if we can not reconcile with our neighbor.

Let us, today, restore our altar and make a consistent choice to live a life of loyalty to God.


Alexandre Oliveira
Canção Nova Missionary

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Jun 152018

Christ’s victory over evil is perpetuated in the action of the Church
Quite often, questions about the Exorcisms and their exercise in the life of the Church come to the Catholic Church. For clarification to be offered safely, on this occasion we consider it important to refer to official documents, including to guide the listening and reception of the liturgical texts offered for the next Sunday (cf. Gn 3,9-15, Mc 3,20- 35). The Catechism of the Catholic Church offers us the necessary security, as does the Rite of Exorcisms.

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The starting point for such an understanding is the mystery of Christ himself: “The whole life of Christ is a mystery of redemption. Redemption comes first of all from the blood of the cross. But this mystery is active throughout the life of Christ: already in his Incarnation, by which, by becoming poor, he enriches us with his poverty; in the hidden life that, by his obedience, repairs our insubordination; in the word that purifies his hearers; in the healings and in the expulsion of the demons, by which he “taketh upon us our infirmities, and beareth with our diseases” (Mt 8:17); in the Resurrection, by which he justifies us “(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 517). We know that “the coming of the Kingdom of God is the defeat of the kingdom of Satan: ‘If it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out devils, then it is because the Kingdom of God has come to you'” (Mt 12, 28; 3,20-35). The exorcisms of Jesus liberates men from the power of demons. And they anticipate Jesus’ great victory over ‘the prince of this world’. It is through the cross of Christ that the Kingdom of God will be definitively established: ‘God reigned on the tree’ “(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 550).

The victory of Christ is perpetuated in the action of the Church. “When it asks publicly and with authority, in the name of Jesus Christ, that a person or object be protected from the action of the evil one and subtracted from its domain, it is spoken of exorcism. Jesus practiced it and it is from him that the Church obtains the power and commission to exorcise. In a simple form, the exorcism is made in the celebration of baptism. The solemn exorcism, called ‘great exorcism’, can only be done by an elder and with the bishop’s permission. It must be done with prudence, observing strictly the rules established by the Church. The purpose of exorcism is to expel demons or to free others from the devilish power, and this in virtue of the spiritual authority that Jesus entrusted to his Church. Very different is the case of diseases, especially psychic, whose treatment depends on medical science. Therefore, before proceeding to exorcism, it is important to be sure that it is a diabolical presence and not a disease “(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1673).

According to the Exorcism Ritual, the ministry of exorcising the possessed depends on the express permission of the bishop, to be granted only to a priest endowed with piety, wisdom, prudence, and integrity of life. This one, in the first place, does not easily believe that someone who suffers from some illness, especially psychic, is possessed of the devil. Also do not immediately accept that there is possession when someone claims to be peculiarly tempted, to be desolate or to be tormented, because anyone can be deceived by their own imagination. Be still careful not to be deceived by the arts and frauds that the devil uses to deceive, in order to persuade the possessed not to submit to exorcism. The exorcist should also consult, as far as possible, experts in medical and psychiatric science, who are sensitive to spiritual realities (cf. Exorcism Ritual, 13-19). The rite, when celebrated, will never be organized as a “spectacle” for those present, thus exclude any presence of means of communication. Once the exorcism is over, neither the exorcist nor those present will divulge any news about it.


It is essential to distinguish between the cases of devil’s attack and the credulity with which some people think they have been subjected to malice, bad luck or curse, which would have been cast by others, often even driven by ignorance. Do not refuse help, guidance and prayer in such cases, but do not resort to exorcism. Also do not refuse the spiritual help of a priest or a deacon, using special prayers and supplications.


There are also the so-called minor exorcisms, prayers that can be made by delivering evil, presided over by a priest. One of the constant appeals of this rite says: “Holy Creator, I have benignly assisted the Catholic Church and strengthened her with your exalted power against the attacks of the enemies, renew in your love and in your grace the spirit of your faithful whom you consecrated, that in you glorify the Father and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. ” The priest prays: “In the name of Jesus Christ our God and Lord, and through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, the Archangel Michael, the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and all Saints, trusting in the authority that confer the sacred ministries, received from the Church, I will dare to safely repel the attacks of the devilish insider. ” And all may say, “God is risen, they scatter their enemies and flee before them those who hate him. As smoke melts, so they dissipate; as the wax melts into the fire, so do sinners perish in the sight of all. This is the Cross of the Lord: flee, adversary forces. He defeated the Lion of Judah, a descendant of David. May your mercy descend upon us, for in you we hope!”

Every believer has at his disposal prayers to be used in the battle against the powers of darkness, as follows: “God, Holy Father, who, by the grace of filial adoption, you have made me a son of the light, grant that I may not be enveloped by the darkness of the devil, but always remain in the splendor of the freedom which I received in the baptismal rebirth. Amen.”

Bishop Alberto Taveira

Bishop Alberto Taveira was Rector of the Provincial Seminary of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte he was also an Episcopal Vicar for the Pastoral and Professor of Liturgy at Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. In Brasilia, he assumed the coordination of the Southern Vicariate of the Archdiocese, in addition to the various activities as Auxiliary Bishop, among others. On December 30, 2009, he was appointed Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Belém, Pará, Brazil

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Jun 142018

Regardless of the tribulations, God has an even greater grace for you.

Without Jesus there is no solution for us! Jesus is a master at solving difficult problems, so if you are in a tribulation, do not despair: There is a way out for you! There is hope for each of us, and that answer is Jesus. He not only brings the help of God, but He Himself is the mighty arm that works in our behalf.

Most of our battles are spiritual.
At one point in the life of St. Benedict, he wanted to expand his monastery to a neighboring land. In this place there was a stone that no one could remove, not even those men who worked in the construction succeeded. St. Benedict went to that place and had a picture of a demon sitting on top of the stone. He prayed, asked God to cast out that demon and made the sign of the Cross. Immediately, a few men who worked there were able to easily remove the stone.

In our lives the evil one sometimes happens to sit on an obstacle of our life and for that reason he becomes a source of oppression that binds us. You need to pray to God, and cast out the demons that have settled on your life.

You do not fight alone! God is fighting with you! God is stronger!
Remember if:

“In the world ye shall have afflictions. Courage! I have overcome the world. “(John 16:33)

There is a promise about us:

“I will put a hatred between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers. It will bruise your head, and you will bruise the heel. ”

God tells us that Mary is the woman who crushes the serpent’s head. We have nothing to fear, Mary is in our favor, and will help us to expel all the evil that is encamped in our life.

Márcio Mendes

Missionary of the Canção Nova Community, theologian and writer

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Jun 132018

Translation: “Faith makes us stronger”

In the background, anxiety is lack of faith
We are now accustomed to speed. Everything is very fast: the car, the elevator, the internet, the bank transaction, the meal. We barely have time to cultivate coexistence with our family, our brothers and our friends. Providence can not wait, that email has to be sent in five minutes, if by the end of the day this task is not completed, it will be a catastrophe! Because we want the outcome of our actions to be instantaneous.We’re in a hurry! We can not wait a minute. Deep down, anxiety is lack of faith. We are anxious because we do not feel secure in what lies ahead. For anxiety, the only response our human and insecure heart can give is immediacy and haste. If you believe that you will achieve victory and understand that this victory is not earthly, human, but it is the victory in which we partake with Christ, the victory that is already certain, already given to us by Him on the Cross, why be anxious Let us rest our hearts in God on this day and learn to wait on Him, God has the right time for all things, the Lord bless you!
Your brother,

Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPI
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Jun 122018

translation: Love bends, but does not break.”

Lovers always take the first step
The reason for our existence is to love God with total commitment and to relate to our brothers and sisters with an attitude of love inspired by the love of God Himself. In God’s eyes, our love for Him if it is not a participation in His love and not expressing himself in the service of men is mere illusion. As we see, the first conversion is easy, but difficult is the conversion away from seeking self-interest . Giving up for the good of the other what you would like to own for yourself. It is love that “does nothing of shame, is not selfish, does not become angry, does not take into account the evil suffered; it does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth. It excuses everything, believes everything, expects everything, bears all “(1 Cor 13: 5-7). But, for love to pass through in your life, you need to be humble. It will be necessary to forgive many times and ask for forgiveness every day, every hour, every moment when it is necessary. Who do you need to love concretely today? The one who loves always takes the first step.

Jesus I trust in you! Luzia Santiago
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Jun 112018

Translation: “Keep strong, my child”

I join myself to Him to please Him and make Him happy
Worship is the privileged place for the encounter with God. In this attitude of worshiping the Lord, we recognize inwardly the unique place that belongs to Him in our hearts. For God’s sake, we acknowledge His majesty, His greatness and our total dependence on Him as creatures. It is the fundamental attitude of every Christian conscious of the mystery that surrounds him. In worship, I bow before God, because God is God. I do not intend to ask Him anything, I want to be with Him, to be in His presence, united to His heart. I join myself to Him to please Him and make Him happy. I simply bow before God because He is my Lord and my Creator. You are the God of my life!

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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