Fr. Robert J Carr is presently the Pastor at St. Benedict Parish in Somerville, MA. There he oversees a bi-lingual parish where people of two languages and many cultures and national origins come together as Catholics to celebrate their faith.

St. Benedict is also has a strong media program and offers on demand and live video from the internet in two languages.

Fr. Carr is a former Navy Sonar Technician and also a former print journalist in the Catholic Media and a producer in public radio. Presently he shares his communication skills with his parish and with Canção Nova (New Song) a Catholic community based in Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil to which Fr. Carr is committed.

Fr. Carr is the author of two books the lastest: Be Catholic Agents for Change is available from Lulu publications.

Fr. Carr has been working on Catholicism Anew since 2001. He added it in 2008 to the Canção Nova family of blogs where he comments on faith and the world.


Canção Nova (New Song)’s Flickr website


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St. Benedict Somerville Spanish Language Media Page