Be Careful with Laziness

Laziness is a weapon of the enemy against our mission to evangelize.

The “demon” can use false fatigue to put us in lethargy–that state of drowsiness that does not want to work or to leave for some place, but wants to remain the whole day (or days) on a sofa, a bed or hammock doing nothing

Of course, we should have moments of rest, I will write a post on this, but we need always to be evaluating ourselves to identify where there are stings with the “venom of laziness”. Here is where I need to stress that laziness is a conscious attitude, for the subject is gong to give reason for not doing anything. Different from a person that is in process of mental exhaustion or even a depression in which at times he does not have the strength or the disposition even to get out of bed.

As consecrated we have to be careful with laziness, for the enemy throws his venom with little suggestions, in which we are going to allow ourselves to be seduced, when finally we are living our vocation with laziness, only filling our stomach and sleeping. Something is certain, now or later the lazy one is going to lose the sense of his vocation, he is going to lose his vocation because of prejudice.

Therefore, your laziness is the hour to get off the sofa while there is still time, you need to do something. There is no lack in the vineyard of the Lord. In the certain hour of God he will give you opportunity to rest. But going to work. . .

Strong Embrace,

Ademir Costa

translated from Portuguese