Open Relationships: Total Freedom?

Open relationships are becoming a way in society. Principally, for those that do not want to assume a stable and definitive commitment, with the argument of not wanting to hurt their “autonomy and freedom.”

The person has a relationship of total convenience – open. The couple lives under the same roof, but they are free in order that each one may life his/her life privately and economically, as their inclusive wantonness with other partners.

To exemplify, in this context of secularlism, there exists a way in the middle class, in which the couples frequent “Swing Houses” – places in which the couple have various forms of sex with others. This is only an example of the  banalization of sexuality that has driven persons to true aberrations that cause great pains inside of the example of the family in society.

Finally, the total freedom and the open relationships in the family is a false autonomy of the a world without God that tries to be creative, but falls in the desgrace of being slave to sin, for an empty life without meaning. The person without God will always be a slave of a false liberty.

Strong Hug!

Ademir Costa


translated from Portuguese