Our Impotence before the Divine Omnipotence

Do not lose time, God to adore God even with a broken heart. It is not necessary to speak much, nor whimper before Him. Allow God to do and to speak. Even if you do not feel it, know that he is speak to your soul because you are adoring Him in truth.

In front of your reality of your brokenness, go to adore in spirit and allow the Lord to enter, remaking your spirit, soul, heart and emotions. Reveal yourself before God. Make yourself like a child in His presence. When we find that we can do all, we do not adore Him in truth. When we feel completely impotent, it is then that truly we adore Him.

Some people recognize that they cannot do anything, they are impotent before situations, emotionally insecure, the problems are greater than what they perceive and they feel broken and do not turn to God. Therefore they put themselves before him, they will see that there will happen the most beautiful adoration. It is our impotence before the divine omnipotence. It is our nothing before the all of God.

God bless you,

Monsignor Jonas Abib

translated from Portuguese