About 2000 Attend Eucharistic Adoration in Response to Proposed Black Mass

by Fr. Robert J Carr


Devout listen to the words of Fr. Michael Dre at St. Paul’s Eucharist Adoration/RCAB

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA–An estimated two-thousand devout Catholics and others attended Eucharistic Adoration, Monday night at St. Paul’s Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The devotion happened in response to a proposed Black Mass that was planned for the same time on the campus of Harvard University. St. Paul, the parish that is home to the Harvard Newman center and Catholic ministry sits in the shadow of the ancient US campus and the world’s richest University.

Fr. Michael Drea, pastor of the parish and Catholic chaplain for Harvard University preached at the event citing the unity that Christ brings us and the salvation of our sins. However, he also brought forth the horrible proposed act of blasphemy and desecration that almost happened across the street. Immediately, prior to the devotion, Catholics learned the black mass was canceled for lack of a venue.

The Adoration began to a filling Church when the monstrance arrived under the ombrellino from the nearby campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which like Harvard borders the Cambridge side of the area’s Charles River. Students from both campuses entered and joined the gathered faithful, some wearing shirts that said “Pray always” in back and the school affiliation, including Harvard and Northeastern University on the front.

With a procession of presider, acolytes and even the Vicar for the New Evangelization, Bishop Arthur Kennedy, the church resounded with Alleluia Sing to Jesus.

The world renown St Paul’s choir school boys sang beautiful this and all the liturgical hymns

Outside in Harvard Square a gathering of Satanists awaited outside a restaurant, some later taunting the faithful with “Praise Satan” as the Catholics walked by.

The event was made remarkable by the appropriate holy silence and even the divine praises called in unity despite the large number of attendees.

The hour and twenty minute liturgy served as a great testimony to the Boston/Cambridge area for the power of the faith that is alive and well in the local Catholic faithful.

The event clearly showed the faith of the community and was an inspiration to all people of faith in the Boston area.

There is currently no public plans to reschedule the black mass.

Fr. Carr is the editor of this blog.