Bishop Speaks of the Young Surfer Guido Schäffer and His Process of Beatification

From the Canção Nova Newsroom, with ACI Digital

The Bishop of the city of Valencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , Bishop Nelson Francelino Ferreira, was teacher to the young seminarian Guido Schaffer, of whom began recently the opening of the beatification process authorized by the Vatican.

“He was my student for four periods in theology course at the College of St. Benedict, in downtown Rio. He was very humble, very quiet, simple and disciplined person. With his quiet way, not to be different from anyone else, he related well with the whole class and was always a reference” said the Bishop.

  Bishop Nelson said his first contact with Guido was in St. Mark’s Parish, in Barra da Tijuca, where he was pastor.

photo from the official facebook page.

“Guido had many friends in our parish and always came to minister and to preach in the prayer group. He was a young, quite focused and not lost in silly discussions. He was precise on issues related to Catholic doctrine and orthodoxy, and simply sought to get along with everyone and deal well with the differences,” Bishop Nelson said.

The Bishop stressed his satisfaction at the opening of the beatification process and by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in so many people.

“It is a great joy to know that we live, play and talk with a candidate for sainthood. It is worthy to praise and to bless God for it. For we are part of the Church of Christ that specifically is holy. There are many ‘Guidos’ in our pastoral work. Our youth are holy. This gives a great mood, we are taken by a great excitement,” the bishop expressed

Bishop Don Nelson stressed that he sees this recognition not only in the merit of a person, but the holiness of the Church.

“I do not see a personalism, but the ecclesial element. With great thanksgiving, contemplating our Church which is holy too. We can not forget that. It is worth investing in youth, protecting our young people and allowing them to live in an atmosphere of holiness. Today, we see the issue of drugs, promiscuity and commercial exploitation stifling the ideals of our youth. You need to highlight good examples and remind them that we are not alone, we are part of a communion of saints. It’s worth dreaming about, suffering for and loving the Church, “he said.