The Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success

The prophecies made by Our Lady of Good Success in the 16th century, in respect to our time, remained forgotten for a long time, as she prophesied. The Virgin Mary appeared to the servant of God Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, a little known, Spanish religious, for the first time, on February 2, 1594, in Quito, Ecuador.

Although unknown to the general public, the religious, which whose body is incorrupt today, lived her vocation in an extraordinary way. our Lady revealed events that shake the structures of the Church and society from the 19TH century to Mother Mariana, who had a mystical and hidden life, .

The Virgin Mary predicted the devaluation of the sacrament of matrimony and the corruption of the family: “as for the sacrament of matrimony, which symbolizes the Union of Christ with the Church, it will be attacked and desecrated throughout the extension of the word.” Wicked laws will be imposed, with the aim to extinguish this sacrament, facilitating all live marriage badly, propagating the generation of delinquent children, without the blessing of the Church. The Christian spirit will falter quickly. The precious light of faith will go off until you reach a near-total and general corruption. “Plus the effects of secular education, this will be reason for priestly vocations and religious to diminish”. The spirit of the world will be in domestic environments, the children will be lost and “the demon will glorify himself feeding on the exquisite delicacy of heart of the children”. In these unhappy times, there will be no more childhood innocence. ” In this way, if vocations to the priesthood are lost, it will be a real calamity”.


Our Lady of Good Success also predicted the devaluation and the persecution of priests: “the sacred sacrament of priestly order will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised, because, in this sacrament, is the overwhelming and [mark] of the Church of God and the same God, represented in her priests. The devil will try to pursue the Ministers of the Lord in every way and work with subtle cunning and cruel to divert them from the spirit of his vocation, corrupting many of them “. These will scandalize the Christian people, the hatred of Christians and of the enemies of the Roman Catholic Church will rest on all priests . With this apparent triumph of Satan, will attract enormous sufferings to the pastors of the Church and the great majority of good priests and the Supreme Pastor and vicar of Christ on Earth. The Holy Father will spill secret and bitter tears in the presence of God, asking for light, holiness and perfection for all the clergy.

The Virgin Mary foretold, to our century, the neglect and oblivion of the sacrament of anointing of the sick: “Many people will die without receiving it — whether through carelessness of families, either through a misunderstanding affection towards his sick, others also go against the spirit of the Catholic Church, impelled by the cursed devil —, depriving the souls of countless graces, consolation and strength, to take the big leap from time to eternity.

The mother of the Church also predicted the propagation of various heresies and that, “with the field of them, will turn off the precious light of faith of  souls, by the almost total corruption of morals. During this period, there will be great physical and moral disasters, public and private “. In these unhappy times, unbridled luxury will win numerous frivolous souls and they will be lost.“There will be almost no innocence in children or modesty in women, and, in this Supreme need of the Church, they will shut down one who seeks time to talk”. These days, the atmosphere will be saturated with the spirit of impurity, which as a filthy sea run through the streets, squares and public places with an astonishing freedom. “There will be almost no virgin souls in the world.The delicate flower of virginity, shy and threatened with complete destruction, its light will be far away. They will take refuge in the cloisters, find suitable place to grow, develop and live being its aroma the charm of my Son most holy and the lightning rod of divine wrath. Without virginity it would be necessary to purify these lands; it would rain fire from the sky “.

The Virgin Mary predicted that, in our century, the lack of interest of the rich and the indifference of the people of God are cause of great evil. By sloppiness and negligence, the people of great wealth watch with indifference the oppression of the Church, persecuted virtue, triumphant evil, without employing the riches in the destruction of the Holy evil and in the restoration of the faith. The indifference of the people will cast out, gradually, the name of God in their hearts, “adhering to the spirit of evil, indulging freely to vices and passions”.

Amidst the difficulties of these difficult times, prophesied to the Church and to the world, our Lady talks about the importance of religious communities: “religious communities will remain to sustain the Church and work with valiant and selfless commitment to the salvation of souls, because, in this period, the observance of the rule and will become in the communities, there will be Saints Ministers of the altar, hidden and beautiful souls in which my Son Blessed and I deleitaremos, considering the excellent flowers and fruits of heroic sanctity “. Against them, the impiety will trench warfare, aggregating them of defamation, slander and vexations to prevent them fulfilling their Ministry. But these holy ministers, as solid columns will remain unshakable. They will face everything with “spirit of humility and sacrifice with which they will be clothed in virtue of the infinite merits of my Son, who loves them as the most delicate fibres of Your holy and tender heart”.

These prophecies of Our Lady of good Success portray the State of things, the heresy, the ruthlessness and the impurity present in our time. But, in addition to these and other revelations, the Virgin Mary promised her help and protection to those who propagate the devotion to her with the title of Our Lady of good Success. So, let us propagate this devotion, that was forgotten for a long time, but that, in our time, becomes better known and the message quite current

We trust to our Lady of Good Success our prayers for the families, especially the children, the priests, religious men and women, the rulers, the people holding power. For the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, also prophesied by her, we need to unite the Virgin Mother of God with our prayers, fasts, penances, reparations, as she asked us in her appearances.

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!