Being a professional musician is a big challenge

The music has a strong presence in all walks of life and at various times. In presentations, parties, religious ceremonies, radio and TV programs, commercial advertisements, movie soundtracks, theatres and much more. We are “bombarded” with musical information. Who of us couldn’t say that there is a special song that marks a point in your life?
Although the fame is a privilege of a few, many people seek their professional experience through music. Yes, in General “live music”, for many, is to have a work coupled with great pleasure. Work with music, for those who have this vocation, is truly exciting.

Currently, being a professional musician is a big challenge. Yes, a musician who does not seek opportunities for improvement and professional opportunities, is unlikely to survive in this business.


Network, personal marketing and music business


In General, a musician needs to have a good relationship with other musicians (network) and a business side keen to promote their profession and survive well in this area (personal marketing and music business). Currently, it is a privilege of a few, who have a stable salary in this profession in Brazil.

There are branches in which a musician can work. In addition to execute an instrument or sing, the musician can specialize in arranging, conducting, music productions, classes and more.

To specialize it is necessary to dedicate daily practice and study hours. Whether in private lessons, studies in conservatories or studying in a college. A particular curiosity is that the College of music is one of the few in which the student has experience in the area. Otherwise, the student will not be able to pursue or even join the College.

Love of music is essential to avoid a frustrated professional life. I personally don’t know a musician who succeeds in this profession and does not have a life intensely musical. The love of music that supercedes the sound and is noticeable to listeners.

Fábio Rabello-(saxophonist, music Ministry Canção Nova)


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