Happy to Correspond to the Call of God


We are Roman Catholic seminarians. Happy to correspond to the call of God. 

Really I say this from the heart: I am happy to correspond to the call of God for my life!!

I want to be a priest not for money, fame or success. If it was for this, I would have to seek other roads. But to be priest for be all of God, it is a total and integral giving to God in His Church. 

This is gift and work. I want to say above all it is a gift of God, it is a grace that nothing and no one in the world can give; it is God that sustains my call. But it is work because it depends on me in the freedom of the disposition and in the daily repost that I give give my vocation to God. 

My brothers, I am profoundly happy to be seminarian and to follow this road to priesthood. 

I challenge you my brother that you may hear the voice of God in your heart, to give a response even before fears and insecurities, do not be perturbed, God does not call the perfect! Don’t be reluctant in responding to God. It is certain that He is not going to hurt your freedom, but I advise you that happier is the one who corresponds to the call of the Lord. 

Once more I repeat: “I am a Roman Catholic seminarian. Happy to correspond to the call of God!”

Strong hug,

Ademir Costa

Seminarian for  the Canção Nova Community/Diocese de Lorena-SP Brasil

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