Formation: The Mission of the Musician in the Plan of Salvation

The world has many ways to shake up the emotions of multitudes, but Christian’s mission as evangelizer is in what’s next

Much is said about the Mission of evangelism because of the attractive potential that the beauty of the art exerts on society suffered. However, in many churches the music still is seen more as a form of entertainment and beauty than as an opportunity to experience the person of Christ. The shows of many secular artists are increasingly attractive and offer increasingly technical and artistic quality.

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And what’s the real mission of art?

The human being develops lifelong numerous emotional barriers to protect himself from the suffering. Our consciousness learns to manage emotions so that they stay contained and sociable;sometimes hidden. Feelings such as sadness, joy, disappointment, fear, anger, love and friendship are part of our intimacy, to which few have access. And that is where the role and the power of art enter.The beauty generated by interpretation, for music, for dancing and the theatre has the ability to attract, to generate excitement and thus reach our intimate. And at this point it is important that the presentation is good technically. If there is no beauty, the message gets lost for being attractive and misses on the first step of the mission.

So that the message is heard, the listener has to be attentive, must be “hooked”. And when that happens, something essential occurs: we have access to each other’s intimacy. Thus, someone who had never shared the suffering experienced with anyone, to hear a song, beautiful and exciting anointed cries and opens the heart.

Thereby a memory that had been buried and forgotten comes back up and causes the feelings that one can touch.Ready! The art fulfilled first to dribble away our emotional defenses and make it in hearts with its beauty.

However, this is only the first step. And, up to this point, the art of the secular world is much more advanced than the Christian art. Movies, plays and songs can shake the emotions of multitudes. As Christians, our differential, our true mission as evangelizers, is what comes after. When the defenses of viewers lower the time comes to present the Love, the person who can turn all that inside in a new reality, more alive, happy, whole, peaceful and free.

Our entire technical effort should be employed so that we have the opportunity to get to this moment and promote this meeting. However, when we arrived there, we can only offer what is already ours.We can only present the Lord to another, with depth, detail and truth, if we get close to him.

The experience of Jesus Christ cannot be narrated, has to be lived and divided. And that grace is assimilated into our humanity on a daily basis and can be shared with others through our Ministry.Right now, there’s no more preaching, which is also an important attraction and, Yes, faith proven, experienced and witnessed. It takes our place of intimacy with God is populated by that love for others to convince that He is real and, thereby, surrender to the experience.

I’m happy when I see a show with great technical quality and strong Christian spirituality. And I pray to God that way and we can increasingly grow technically. Because what’s going transform the world is how much we know the son of God and we already allowed Him to become the center of our life, the permanent resident of our soul.

For this reason, we invest in our life with God, spending time with him, allow him to enter the dark and hidden places of our souls so that we know how to show the way to those who drink of our art. Our mission is to be of God.

Roberta Castro

Roberta Castro is a gynecologist and specialist in family therapy.Coordinator of the Ministry of music and arts of the Catholic charismatic renewal in the State of Espírito Santo Brazil.

A writer for the Canção Nova

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