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Feb 052016

One of the major difficulties of the purpose of starting a life of prayer is the perseverance

Starting is not easy. Persisting in the decision is even more difficult. All decisions in life require discipline; otherwise, you are doomed to failure. The life of prayer is no different. The same requires discipline, perseverance and fidelity.

Como iniciar uma vida de oraçãoFirst step

The first step is to gain awareness of the importance of prayer in our spiritual life. Without a prayerful life, our soul aches. And when that happens, we lose, firstly, of ourselves. Secondly, we lost our brothers and sisters. Thirdly, God.


God remains faithful to our side. We, however, we step away from him and of his presence. And once away, on pilgrimage. We don’t know where we are heading or what the right direction we make our steps. A fruitful prayer life will return us to the safe haven of our spiritual walk: God himself.

Second step

Acquiring this awareness of the importance of prayer in spiritual life, we move on to the second step: the decision to pray. This step is also difficult. At first 1001 more important things to be done will emerge to be done. The decision requires the courage to assess what are the real priorities for our spiritual well-being. Many demands of daily life, which before were not so important, as in need of urgent priorities for the present moment. In front of these human-spiritual conflicts, you must stop and look calmly to this reality and decide what is most important to the soul at that moment.

Third step

Once we have decided to devote a moment of the day to the life of prayer, we move on to the next step: choosing the time of prayer. For those who never cultivated a life like that, you need prudence and discernment. At the time of the impulse, hasty decisions may appear. Many begin their life of prayer with 1 hour per day and, after 5 days, they’re desperate and they can’t stay another minute in prayer. It takes balance when it comes to time. There’s no point in starting a routine of prayer with 1 hour if one is not yet used to pray for twenty five minutes alone. A good time to book, at this moment, is twenty minutes a day of prayer. Before 20 minutes well prayed are better than 1 hour of eternal despair.

Start with 20 minutes a day, and over time, if you feel need, increase gradually. However, this process has to be carried out calmly and in tranquility, respecting your inner rhythm and your spiritual progress.

Padre Flávio Sobreiro

Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Catholic school and PUCCAMP of Pouso Alegre (MG), Father Flaviois parochial Vicar of St. Anthony Parish in Jacutinga (Minas Gerais) Brazil, and priest of the Archdiocese of Pouso Alegre (MG).

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