Start the Party at Your House

Dunga. Foto: Wesley Almeida/

Dunga. Photo: Yamin/

Let’s let God make our home a place of celebration

Today, let’s talk about the return of the son to the father. Let’s share the word in Luke 15:11 -12

“He also said: A man had two sons. The younger said to his father: ‘father, give me the part of my heritage.’ The father then divided the assets between them. “

The Father wants the best for their children

Here we see the story of a father, as well as the father who worked and struggled to raise children, to leave them an inheritance; but not only material goods. This is the story of a Son who wanted his heritage to enjoy the pleasures of the world.

That dad wanted to teach his children more than the responsible use of material goods, but in life, everything has a right time to happen, whether in relation to the goods or to the sex life. But all that the youngest son of that man wanted was to immediately enjoy all that his father owned. Imagine a child leaving home with all that the father had conquered with so much effort!

The father, unable to deny the request of son, called his brother and probably asked him if he wanted to leave, if hewanted a part of it, but the eldest son was noble and chose to honor the father – interesting to realize that honoring father and mother is the first commandment as promise. So the father divided the inheritance and the youngest son went away with the part that was his.

Happiness away from Father doesn’t last forever

Let’s read the continuation of this story in Luke 15:13 -14

“A few days later, raking all that belonged to him, his younger son left to a distant country, and there wasted his fortune, living loosely. After having wasted everything, there came to the region a great famine and he began to spend live in destitution. “

Live is full of phases, and whoever lives life, lives them. Today, I have more than 50 years and went through several phases, and you also will live them. That boy went through a moment of wasting money, of joy, of partying, but that phase didn’t last forever. When hard times came, he ended up with no inheritance, no joy to spend. Let’s see what happened to him in Luke: 15.15

“He was put to the service of one of the inhabitants of that region, which sent him to their fields to keep the pigs.”

For the Jews, it was a terrible function to take care of pigs, because these were filthy animals! People, at that time, did not eat pigs.

I’ve had a pig stye at home when I was a kid. It was a bad experience going to the neighbors to get scraps of food that trash, to throw to the pigs. That animal does not look up, pig are always forlorn, always stuck in the dirt. People who go from work for drug dealers, often to prostituting themselves to support their addiction, are in the middle of pigs.

That young man had to come to his senses and realized that he was resembling those creatures of which he was in charge. Let’s see in Luke 15:16-17

“He desired of even the pods that the pigs ate, nobody him foot to eat. He then began to reflect: how many employees there are in my father’s House that have plenty of bread … and I, here, I’m starving! “

Return to the father’s House is the most important

"Nossa vida pode estar um caos, mas o Espírito Santo está pronto para dar ordem à nossa vida ". Foto: Wesley Almeida/

“Our life may be a mess, but the Holy Spirit is ready to give the order to our lives”. Photo: Yamin/

This is where the story gets interesting. That young man takes an attitude of contrition, repentance and humility; He recognizes that he needs his father and wants to see him again, as written in Luke 15:18-19

“Get up and go to my father, and I will tell you: my father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you; I am no longer worthy to be called thy son. Treat me as one of your employees. “

Now, Let’s imagine this scene: the son coming home, going against the father, in Luke 15:19

“He got up and went to his father. He was still far off, when his father saw him and moved to compassion, ran to meet him, threw his hands around his neck and kissed him. “

Imagine the thrill of that father who waited for the son. The father was touched, embraced his son and said everything that the son had imagined. Notice the difference, the way he had left home, not caring about the care of the father. But at the reunion, the son acknowledged his sin, humbled himself before the father and admitted that he needed him. Do we have the guts to do that with our parents? Do we often neglect the care, love and all that they do for us?

Our lives can be a mess, but the Holy Spirit is ready to give order to our lives. Let us humble ourselves before the father and let Him work within us. It is a day acknowledging our sins and letting God work in us, in our home, in our family.