Take Care of Your Soul

We must take care of our soul to be good people, to our interior reflect our exterior

We have many concerns in the course of life and some of them are: what my son is going to be when he grows up? How do I get a better job? How much weight should I lose? When will I get married? … Anyway, there are so many concerns with the outer life, we don’t have time to figure out what to do with our soul.

Have you ever wondered: am I forgiving? I wonder if I’m talking about really bad people? Am I being a channel of God channel in others’ lives? Am I in love?

Dear reader, taking care of so much of our appearance, we can neglect our salvation. We forget to be good, to have a good heart, to take care to be good people, to reflect on the interior of our outer selves. Should we be concerned with our health, for our family, but we should care most for our soul, because the body perishes, but the soul is eternal.

Think about it.

Your brother,

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