God Chose Us and Made Us for Holiness

The Lord calls us to holiness, so let’s assume that we are God’s blessings

Father John Mark Polak, on Tuesday morning, the program ‘ smiling at Life ‘, invites us to take possession of that we are God’s blessings.

The word of reflection is in Ephesians 1:3-4:13:
“Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens, in Christ. In it, God chose us before the Foundation of the world to be holy and righteous before him, in love. In it, you also heard the word of truth, the good news of your salvation. Believe in him and receive the promised mark of the Holy Spirit. “

Deus nos escolheu e nos fez para a santidade

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I would like that word of Ephesians, that we just read, stayed full  in depths in our hearts today, because it’s a blessing for us.

We Partake of the living Word

Let us open our hearts to accept the power of the word and what it can accomplish in our lives.Sometimes we meditate on a biblical passage and think: “this is another preaching”. However, we need to understand that if we don’t open our hearts truly for what the Lord has to say, it is just another word. We need to take hold of what God wants to accomplish in our lives today.

We are God’s blessings

In Christ, God has poured upon us every blessing. Perhaps, not to accept or consider us not blessed people, but we are, Yes, full of the blessing of God. Let us realize that we are blessed by Christ; Thus, our life will be different.

What we need is to feel blessed?

Faced with so many realities that we live and the bruising in our soul, how can we feel blessed? The certainty is that we will not be fully cured in this our journey. Let us ask the blessing of God, his grace and mercy in our lives, so that we are transformed by the Lord.

Assume a different posture in the grace of Christ. We are men and women of God, called to live in the grace of Christ. Let us not focus on earthly things. Beyond blessed, we are the chosen ones of God, beloved and dear to him. How many times have difficulties of love and forgive! So that we can live the love and forgiveness, we need to live the experience of being loved and forgiven by God.

The Lord thought about each of us, He chose us and elected us, dreamed of us even before creating anything. Even if you don’t accept this choice from him, he thought of us, thought of every detail. It may be that, along the way, we end up deforming, but He elected us and won’t turn back on his decision.

God made us to be a blessing in the lives of people, whether in our workplace, in our prayer group and in our House. He put in us the brand of the Holy Spirit.

How many times do we think: “I’m not chosen of God. That’s for other people, not to me “.Through this word, we assume a different posture in our lives, let’s assume that we are chosen by the Lord.

How to receive God’s grace?

Do we accept everything that happens to us. We accept our limitations and failures, however, understand that it’s not accept agree nor accommodate, but emerge from our heart the desire to change, to resume our journey.

If the word of God tells us that we are blessings, then we say to our heart that we are. If it says we are chosen, take possession of this election. We are temples of the Holy Spirit, loved by God.

When we assume that we are elected, we live a time of renewal, for the Lord to convert our hearts and our lives.

A new time for our history

You want to look at the situations of our daily lives and assume the posture of living a new time.Our history is part of us, and even our wounds and traumas are part of who we are. However, if we take possession we are children of God, our lives will be worth more!

When we take God’s grace in our lives, our heart is transformed. When we allow the God of life, Savior of mankind, to enter into our heart, he modifies our interior. Assuming the lordship of Christ, we welcome the blessings in our lives.

Love and forgive is the Christian walk

I initiated this reflection talking about blessing, because, if you don’t feel loved and blessed by the father in heaven, you will not be able to have attitudes of love and forgiveness. Only in God can we love and forgive.

To love is the experience of being loved; to forgive, the experience of being forgiven. Life is a project to be built day after day, because the transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually. For it to happen, let us ask Father that grace.

The grace of love and forgive requires us to resilience, courage, sacrifice and determination to reach the goal. Sometimes, only the love of Christ that unites us will give us the strength to forgive and love him.

We want to be great for God?

We bow to the truth of the word and accept the blessings of the Lord in our lives. He transforms our heart and heals our wounds. Let’s walk, let’s go out of convenience and let the grace that comes from the top transform our lives.

I find it hard to forgive. And now?

If we have trouble forgiving, let us turn to the throne of grace. In the presence of Jesus the Eucharist, let us ask God for the grace to give and ask for forgiveness, so he will answer us.

Dad educate to faith, forgiveness and love. In charity, you can love, fix and forgive.

You may not believe more in ourselves or the people, but He never stopped believing in us.Today, for many, is the kickoff for the walk in the faith; others resume. Regardless of the degree to which we come, let’s assume that we are the elect of God, and he counts on us.

Father John Mark Polak
Priest of the Canção Nova Community

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