Understand the Forgiveness that Christ Gives on the Cross

Jesus Christ paid our debt of sin with his blood on the cross

We’re playing on the fundamental reality of Christianity. He could have saved us by many means, but He wanted to save us by the cross.

At that time, the Greeks seek wisdom, because for them this virtue would solve everything; already the Jews sought the law. God, did not want to save the world through wisdom or the law, but “craziness” (in the eyes of the world).

“In fact, he took upon himself my infirmities, and uploaded my sufferings: and I claimed as a grounded, wounded by God and humiliated”.

Thus, we have here the fundamental truth of Christianity: Jesus took all our sins and nailed them on the cross. There’s the beautiful thing, the Lord took upon himself our sins. Then, when He took them, He suffered not only on the cross, but was already suffering during His arrest.

Many times, we look only at the crucifixion. Of course it’s a barbaric what they did, but that’s not all. See: Christ took upon himself our sins, carried them to the cross and left them there. Let me tell you: our sins no longer belong to us.

Our past sins have already been undertaken by the Lord to the cross; more still: the future sins have been assumed by him. Even the last sin of our life has been taken over by the Lord.We’re in the fundamental truth of Christianity: Jesus took upon all our sins, the sins past, present and even the future. He crucified them on the cross, so it’s easy to gain forgiveness from him.

Compreenda o perdão que Cristo nos dá na cruz

In the book “Curados Para Amar” [Healed to Love], I present the following explanation:

“I know you’re a driver and you have to drive well and accomplish your work. But I know, too, that you’re not a good driver, so, over time, you will make mistakes like scratching the car, accidents, fines, pay for repairs of your car. Just that, knowing this, loving you, I’m going to the Bank and deposit an amount so large that will be enough to cover those cases; so, I take it and put it in your hand. So, from there on, all your traffic accidents will be paid. You must acknowledge once again your guilt and see the reality: that you now have a debt, but also that already you have the money to pay for it “.

People, that’s what Jesus did for us through his death: he paid our debts [sins]. Take a peek at the damage that you did in the lives of others, but thanks to God, with much more than a checkbook, Jesus Christ has paid our debt with his blood on the cross, as someone who assumes the debt of others. So “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (1 John 1, 8).

Of course you don’t want to sin, but you sin. Do you deny that you have sinned? No! Jesus is teaching us that just to have humility in recognizing our sin. By the time we recognize our sin, then God is faithful and just to forgive us, as we are taught the Holy Scriptures.

I am always delighted with the gesture of Luzia, because she has a devotion to the crucified Christ.When the cross arrived here she she quickly went down to kiss the wounds of Jesus. Do the same: put yourself in front of the cross, plunge forward on the open side of Jesus. This wound is forever open; Enter the heart of Christ, don’t hide. The first thing that we carry within us is the feeling of guilt. Immediately the demon begins to accuse us, putting in us the sense of shame for not acknowledge God’s forgiveness. Thus, in place of repentance we begin to feel remorse. How many people still accuse you of traffic accident you suffered and other things … While I’m talking about the Lord who is using “oil” and “wine” for the cure.

Maybe a lot of things, right now, are bubbling up inside you, but know that they are not for you to accuse yourself, but for healing and deliverance to happen.

The Supreme Love saved and healed us so that we can love. That’s what we want: to be cured for love.


Your brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib

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