Medical Clinic Padre Pio

Our mission is to bring the charism New Song every service

The Medical Centre Padre Pio, much to attend, takes the resurrection of charisma each attended

The Medical Clinic Padre Pio, for 20 years serves the residents of Cachoeira Paulista (SP), employees of John Paul II, the Canção Nova Community missionaries and pilgrims in days of Kairos and Summer camps in Chacara Santa Cruz Foundation in Cachoeira Paulista SP, Brazil.

Our mission is to bring the charism New Song every service

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Currently, there are 45 professionals, including employees and missionaries working in the Emergency and Outpatient Departments. Cristiane Aparecida Ribeiro, a member of the second elo and collaborates on work in the Padre Pio station, she tells us that every day they serve approximately 100 people.

“For us it is a great challenge as well as giving a quality service, our highest priority is to bring the charism Canção Nova to whom we meet. We take on the challenge of meeting, take the proposal for a new life and the restoration of charisma. How do the sick arrive, weakened with physical diseases! Here, we seek to know the history of the person, as the healing process also takes place by inner healing, “explains Cristiane.

José Cláudio das Chagas

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José Cláudio das Chagas is resident of Cachoeira Paulista (SP) and due to a health problem, arrived to the Medical Centre. After a callus on the sole of the foot, which generated a small infection and necrosis, he was sent to Padre Pio for the exchange of dressings.

The cachoeirense recalls of care received by the outpatient staff. “I was very well received. They treat us with love and dedication. Today, I’m healed! I thank God and the Merciful Jesus by the grace received “.

“I saw this work born. Before, there was no structure, and everything was dirt floor. It started very small and now I see the will of God when I look at the Canção Nova, “recalls Mr. José Cláudio.

The the citizens is an evangelist partner by direct deposit and talks about his experience as a benefactor of this work of God. “It really pays to be an evangelist partner. I am a taxi driver and many people who come in my car share with me about their experience with this work of evangelization. Canção Nova goes beyond the spiritual work, it takes care of the social, educational and health, and returns so many people to dignity! It pays to be a loyal partner and help this work. Who is a partner helps in all that Canção Nova does for people who need this care. “

Cristiane thanks every person who contributes monthly to Canção Nova. “Be it much or little, whoever contributes to Canção No vaalso see their money being invested in the care of Padre Pio station. How many know Canção Nova and believe it is just the TV, radio or Internet, but part of every contribution also it is sent to the Social Development Network . “

“Those who still can not contribute and have thought to help this work, just say I only say do not give just to give, but find a reason to make your donation. Many share that they would like to come to the Canção Nova and help. Do you want to find a way to help in evangelization? Help Canção Nova, so that you get in one way or another, to make presence in the care, camps, the educational part. Make the experience of the charism of the resurrection. Be part of this work was born of God’s heart, “he concludes.

God bless you for your help! Thanks to their contribution we can bring the Good News to the people and rebuild many stories.


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