Jesus Casts Out the Evil Spirit of Our Life

Let the Lord drive out of our life all the evil spirits, all the torments of the soul, all the situations of oppression that we happen in this life

“Jesus put his hands on her, and immediately the woman straightened up and began to praise God”(Luke 13.13).


The situation of this woman who comes to Jesus calls attention due to the size of the drama that she had because for eighteen years she’s sick, is hunched and unable to straighten up, is incapable of looking forward to face people; is unable to look at the world the way it is.

The more this spirit haunts this woman, she is bent over, and it’s been 18 years since that she suffers from this drama.

Jesus, full of love, of mercy and compassion turns to this woman, because He don’t want her tormented anymore by this situation.

This woman must have gone through so many sad and troubling situations. It’s not the disease, it’s not the fact of being bent over, but it is what makes her so. There are so many things inside, in her soul, so many events that left bitterness and sadness; the left her overwhelmed and depressed so that the very spirit was overwhelming, the heart becomes tormented, so that the soul was the first bend.

Here the word ‘ inclinar’ means: decline, fall, bending and no longer able to face things head-on.

We all face so many difficulties and obstacles in life, but there are situations that not knowing how to face them or how it comes to us, it knocks us down.

If we’re going to accumulate hurts, the discouragements, we are hunched over and bent down from the situations of life. It’s like I said: be curved is being unable to look in front of the situations and the tragedies of life. “I’m not able to face who’s in front of me, who’s in front of me! Everything causes me fear, bewilderment, fear, agony, fright … everything causes me grief! “.

That spirit of discouragement and failure, it’s terrible because it peels off our inner strength and becomes increasingly fragile. So, the torment that this woman began to live, first on his soul stretched to your body and your whole being, she was no longer peace of soul and heart.

Let me speak to your heart: Jesus doesn’t want us under a fall, does not want conflict situations, the difficult situations we face during this life let us under a fall, discouraged and take our Joie de vivre.

Just as Jesus straightened her soul, her heart, her physique, He wants to straighten your! Jesus wants us up straight, wants to look forward, wants us to look each other and not prostrate ourselves in the problems of life. Jesus wants us to walk!

Today, Jesus put us standing, puts us onward and upward as He healed the woman hunched over.Let the Lord drive out of our life all the evil spirits, all the torments of the soul, all the situations of oppression that we experience in this life, that we embrace in front of our life.

God bless you!