The Couple's Unity Is Cultivated by Prayer

The couple that prays together makes fruit their talents and grow stronger spiritually

Only God is one, only to Him belongs to the character to be one, so only God can foster the unity of the married couple.“That all may be one; as you o father, are in me and I in you, that they also be one in us “(Jn 17.22).

A perfeita unidade do casal é cultivada pela oração

Men and women who leave mom and dad depart towards the beautiful challenge of the experience of the unity, have the grace of the state of matrimony. “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mk 10:9).

Marriage is a sacrament celebrated by spouses and blessed by the Church in the person of the priest. However, it is essential that both parties, man and woman, be aware that since the wedding, blessing the unity between them is made perfect.

We see, then, clearly, this sacrament is not a human society. Either a recognition, on the part of the Church, of a couple who have lived together and happens to live under the blessing of God.

Unity in God

From the beginning, the man and woman were created to be united and live the mystery of oneness in God, unity similar to the one experienced by the Holy Trinity. It is the mystical experience to learn to love your “neighbor most close”, as oneself.

In this relationship, where God raises the unity, there is continually a spiritual battle. A spouse is always lifting each other at the time of a possible fall, because God never allows both to fall at the same time.

The spouses see the image of Jesus Christ on the face each other, and so they learn to love themselves. However, if there is a spiritual battle in the marital relationship, if the enemy of God tries every way destroy the marriage, it is necessary that the spouses are always very well armed to defend themselves.

In the modern world, the spouses hardly have an awareness of what is marriage. Normally, when a situation more difficult or even a small disagreement of ideas happen, both react humanely, so often taking hasty positions, ignoring the tools that God puts in your hands, on the occasion of the wedding.

The Mission of the couple

The couple has the mission to make your marriage more and more holy. So that this goal is reached, it is necessary a tireless toil, a cut of a rough diamond, for which it becomes bright, reflecting Jesus Christ for all who surround him for He they thirst.

The spiritual life is dynamic. The Holy Spirit is the holy sword to every couple. How many misunderstood and harsh words can be exchanged between spouses who still don’t know that their Union is alive and effective sign of Jesus!

A couple needs to pray together, with a view to the charisma of your unity. Man and woman, made one by the sacrament of marriage, they need to pray. This prayer cannot be just personal, it needs to happen within the couple. The perfect unity of the soul and the body grows through prayer.


How many times couples propagate their corporal and intellectual unity, but do not experience the union of their souls. A perfect harmony in marriage should be founded, rooted in Jesus.

The couple, recognizing their smallness while sinners, but their greatness by divine sonship, totally in need and stripped in front of the one true source of love and wisdom there pours their souls and will live fully the graces of their unity. “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am in their midst” (Mt 18.20).

The divine unity of the couple

The prayer of the couple lead them to realize that the marriage is not just on the human plane. This way of prayer deepens the unity of the couple in the mystery of the divine unity.

If the couple is something so wonderful, fruitful and that both pleases the heart of God, why doesn’t happen often? Often, under the guise of sleep or tiredness, spouses are mistaken by the enemy of God and looking like legitimate justifications, postpone or prevent the pouring of His grace more and more upon the spouses.

A couple united in Jesus will have a family founded on the rock. Satan tries to prevent this harmony. The couple fit through this battle with the Holy Sword of the spirit and who prostrate themselves daily at the foot of the cross of their Redeemer, to cry out for wisdom and unity, and living by the grace of being able to forgive each other and, above all, living love so true.

Spouses who pray together, receiving the Eucharist together, make fruitful their talents and nourish themselves spiritually. No more will they walk with the world and its values as a model, but in Christ, and with fearlessness will face all the battles and challenges arising from the fact of living in the world.

Maria Adília Ramos de Castro
Shalom Community

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