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Feb 022017

Confidence in God and avoid the unnecessary suffering

On the program ‘ Sorrindo Pra Vida” [Smiling at Life] Márcio Mendes based on the book of Psalms to reflect on how the trust in God makes us mature.

Passage Psalm -9 and 13-14 118.8:

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in powerful. Push me hard enough to knock me down, but the Lord helped me. My strength and my song is the Lord he was my salvation. “

A confiança em Deus nos faz amadurecer


Confidence in God

We can trust in human beings. When you find out who to trust, it’s good, but it’s even better to trust God. I know you’ve had the experience to trust someone and were disappointed.

We tend to unbalanced trust of people . Sometimes, they talk without balance and you also end up just talking about yourself.

It is time to trust, look at who is trusting. If you find a mature person who can listen to you, great! But it is better to trust one who knows how to respect your secrets, which is God.

Unfortunately, there are people looking for someone who can be their responsible This is bad, because it prevents us from growing.

Sometimes, we give a lot of credit to people who are worse off than we are. If the person you want to follow isn’t leaning on God, you’re going to fall. So, it is better to trust in the Lord. He will help you to get through t the right person, He will put in your life the person who will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

There are people who are disappointed with the Church, but they forget that it is made up of normal people, people who attend a church with what they have and everything they are, and with a wounded heart. We know who has the wounded heart is also is wounded. It may be that you found such a person.

The help of God

God rescues us by various means, he gives us a lots of opportunity, but we need to know that something new just begins with the end of the quarter. To start a new life, the old life must end.

In this transitional period, we have suffered, but the Lord helps us through an opportunity that it offers. Sometimes, we think it’s a coincidence, but it’s not, its Divine Providence. There are coincidences, but they are minimal in our life, for it is the Divine Providence that reigns in our midst.

We need to make our life a song with this sentence: “the Lord is my strength and my song.”

While no one could help me, God was my salvation. In the fatigue and weakness of life, we’re pedaling “uphill” against all kinds of opposition and difficulties. Who’s on target in life will always find opposition and often attacks.

Don’t think that just because people love you, they will support you for a better future. Unfortunately, jealousy and envy are part of the daily life of human beings. So, you’re pedaling ‘ uphill ‘, there will be headwinds, ensure that your attitudes are a struggle for good.

Rollin’ downhill ‘ is easy, but going up by the power of the Holy Spirit, is not so easy. The people of God never won a battle but in the power of the Spirit.

Márcio Mendes
Canção Nova Community mission

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