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Feb 072017

Often Times I complain about the world. But what I am doing to change it?

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I’ve been watching TV these days, and something came to me:  how much the world needs God. It’s unanimous: the world is lost. But the following question entered into my heart: What am I doing to save him?

The world is not lost, there are still good people who make a difference, just by giving more emphasis to the good than the bad. We need to pray and develop the attitudes of Christians in society. We don’t have to be afraid, God is on our side.

The song arose in my heart: “you have to trust me. You’re not missing anything in believing. I follow by your side, I’m your God, a God in love “. (Eugenio Jorge)

We need to disseminate throughout the world the love of God, the loving God who loves us, who heals the wounds of our pain. Who nurtures us. The world needs the love of God, and we who are this channel of love should be the first to live His love

My brothers and sisters, I put an assignment for next week: make a gesture of Christian love to your neighbor. And let’s spread the good news.

God bless you,

Your brother,

Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPII Canção Nova

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