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Feb 092017

monsignor JonasOur goal is the eternal home prepared by God

God created us to Himself, to the Supreme joy of living in His company forever in eternity. The place that Jesus is reserving in Heaven was gained by the price of His blood. He died for you to have eternal life: maximum happiness.

When we plant lettuce or other vegetables, first the sow on a site where the Earth is cute and well watered. Then, when the seedlings are larger and stronger, they are transplanted to the more fertile site. So too is the time appointed by God, who sowed and is looking after the beautiful flower bed that is his family.

The Lord didn’t plant greenery, but children, so that in heaven He can get us one by one each time, in the final harvest. Sure the Lord is preparing for each of us to a place, in which we will spend eternity. He generates a reinvigorated hope. We are agents of that hope!

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community Canção Nova

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