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Feb 132017

pe_rogerThe grace of God actually has the grace to renew our hearts what is old, antiquated and outdated

Nobody puts a patch of new cloth on an old clothes; because the patch again jerking the old cloth and the tear becomes bigger ” (mark 2, 21).

In fact, we put a new patch in a new outfit, put new wine into new skins to retain the wine and also the wineskin. The truth is that to welcome the newness of God you have to have a new layout, a new mentality, a new heart.

The grace of God actually has the grace to renew our hearts from what is old, antiquated and outdated. If humanity is renewed, imagine how much more renewed will be our heart, our life and mindset! We need to renew our House always!

‘ Renew ‘ doesn’t mean change everything, throw it all away, but clean, caring, ordering better things to make them better.

Every new situation requires a new adaptation. Yourr house was small, it was just you and your husband, but the kids came along and now you are living in a new reality. But you want to live like before, when you were single and others are taking up your space.

Open yourself to the new, for the newness! Life renews itself when we don’t get attached to what we have, to what we do, who we are, and learn. And we open ourselves to the novelty of God!

It is important to remember that ‘ new ‘ is not the newness. There are people who only live in search of novelty, they only want newness. It’s not about new things, just to know new things. Here, I refer to having a mindset open to be renewed.

The newness of the Gospel is that of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This Gospel is always new when I open a new form to welcome you in my life.

I think it’s a very big danger those who just live in search of newnesss. Sometimes, I hear the expression: “I want the newest!”. It is a danger, a mistake, a temptation that modernity will lead our lives and our hearts. 

The novelty that always renewing us is the word of God penetrating inside, in our heart. Many did not convert to Jesus, did not have their lives transformed, why? because they didn’t open to the novelty of the Kingdom of God.

If we do not let go the knowledge that we have, the wisdom that we think we have,our way of seeing life and bad things, the novelty of the grace of God won’t happen in our life.

Grace is new, but the heart is aged, it is not open to the new; so, the new does not penetrate into us.

May the word of God come to renew, release, purify and transform our inner reality.

God bless you!

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