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Feb 142017

A man of faith, builds bridges


I want to share with you a story that taught me a lot. There were two brothers, each with a farm they inherited, which was divided by a river. The brothers became enemies for a long time. Soon, one of them hired a carpenter and asked him to build a fence too high, so he could not see his brother’s farm.

The carpenter, in turn, built a bridge that connected one farmto the other. The brother really irritated with the bridge, sent the carpenter away. Then the two brothers met on this bridge and lived a profound reconciliation.

They called the carpenter back to work with them, because he had done a very huge thing for both. But he replied: I cannot, because I still have many bridges to build in this world.

What you learn from this story is that I need to be a man of faith. I work for God and cannot build fences, only bridges. I invite you to build many bridges today.

God will be very happy with our service. We are responsible for our attitudes, words, actions, and everything we do. So, let us be builders of bridges.

Your brother,

Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPI Canção Nova

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