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Feb 202017

We ourselves benefit by our allegiance to God

In my life I see the faithfulness of God toward me, from small to large things.
I’m not saying this only with regard to material goods, but to spiritual as well.

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So many times when I’m tired, God finds me and gives me a chance to rest; When I’m discouraged, I get letters from our associates talking about Canção Nova is their lives; and when I’m sad, God is always sending someone to cheer me up.

Brothers,experience God’s care every day, but one thing is certain, God sees my struggle for allegiance. Every day I wake at  4:30AM to pray, I go to Mass every day, I study the word and seek to be with him every day.
Soon, I realize in these affectionate gestures of God that He acknowledges that I struggle to be faithful and with that, He comes to my rescue.

Brothers, I wish you to live this beautiful experience of God’s care, but first of all, let us be faithful and God,who is true, we will honor his infinite faithfulness.

Your brother,
Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPII new song

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