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Feb 222017

So many people cry with rage when they reach the limit.

Often, we are so angry about the situations of the day, we use the expression: “I reached my limit, I can’t take it anymore!”. So many people cry with rage when they’re in this peak of stress; others, cry out without thinking. But later repent. Anyway, we have a limit and it is normal for us to reach it!

But how do we react? Crying or screaming will solve what? I tell you something that works for me: when I’m at my limit, if I can’t solve the situation at the time, I go to the Chapel, cool down, relax a little and then seek to resolve the situation.

Several unresolved situations generate much greater stress. Never handle anything hot; on the contrary, seek always the best way to solve the problem without hurting people.

May the Lord God teach you to deal with the hardships of life.

God bless you.
Your brother, Eto

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