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Feb 272017

It’s always time: to start each new day

Start this way: each new day it is time!
Time to love
Time to believe
Time to struggle
Time to be better
Time to seek God
Time to discover
Time to start over.

Every Day I begin again I find the newness of God, the novelty of God, God, The best God wants for me. To start over is to live in a new era, it’s be to better, is to go beyond.

Beginning again leads us to embrace new opportunities that life offers, leads us to grow, leads us to be better, to believe again and see everything differently. Whoever begins has a new chance.
Who begins again finds out. Discover their abilities, their talents, their values 
Let us learn to know each other

Who resumes again believes in what is new struggles for what is new, lives what is new.


Know that every new day, you have a new opportunity to begin again, and the best is that Jesus begins with you.

Know that “Beginning again happens when I decide to begin again”. And always it is time to start over.

Stay with God!

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