Why Opt for Virginity Until Marriage?

Why opt for virginity until marriage is rewarding

The origin of the word virgin is that which isn’t tampered with or that maintains its original feature.Commercially speaking, we remember, among others, computer equipment, and things such as CDs and DVDs, also olive oil’s first pressing, i.e. without mixing it with another refined product. But for the human being, virginity refers to those who have not had sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, some people form a negative image associated with the condition of purity of men and women in their sexuality.

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Human sexuality

Human sexuality is part of the deepest elements of a person and linked to all dimensions of one. Physically it is the carnal pleasure; the psychic,well-being or tension during and subsequent to the Act; in the spiritual, the sense of Union and complementarity with the other person.

In our days, there’s a mentality (driven by the media, Governments and health systems) which disseminates erroneous thoughts about sexuality, not taking into account the human as a whole. It encourages young people, especially, to the loss of virginity and the knowledge of the body ruled only in pleasurable sensations offered by the sexual act, regardless of what exists beyond the physical realm. For this, they adorn virginity and chastity as something backward, unbearable and impossible to be experienced. They bring the majority to questioning and ridiculing anyone who declares himself still preserved in virginity and divert people’s the attention away from the benefits contained in a definitive commitment to keep one’s virginity until marriage.


Losing your virginity, motivated purely by the pursuit of carnal sensations, can lead to negative consequences psychologically generating pressures,  fears and feelings that the person may not be ready to deal with. In the spiritual field, this act can lead to one uniting him or herself physically with another but who hasn’t identified him/herself in the soul as a continuation of another, i.e., the couple has not yet assumed the quality and defects of both. Men and women are subject, in all its dimensions, the consequences of sexual initiation, in the case of the woman, with the breaking of the hymen, the cause a physical mark, making it the first relationship much more impactful in her emotional life than it does to the man. In addition, it creates this physical intimacy with partner who subsequently may not want to share the other’s life, devaluing the whole action.

Only within the marriage, gestated in a courtship that has brought confidence in the complicity of the person at your side does the sex life bring full benefits to the three dimensions of love and friendship, printed in the soul during the stage of knowledge, providing the safety required for later affects of the physical endowment. It is in the preparation of the spirit, mind and body man and woman are not deprived of what is good and pleasurable, but only learn to respect the time and purpose of everything that has been created by God, while awaiting the time when they are ready.


The Lord is in all that is good in human beings. As we have seen, virginity until marriage is rewarding, it is an experience of the sense of purity, the body is proof of love to God and to the one proven to be entrusted to share the gift of sexuality.


Cast not Holy things to dogs, cast not your pearls to pigs (Matthew 7.6).

For those who were once fooled by worldly incentives, and broke with this Holy ideal the proposal of chastity is made by returnings to participate in all the merits of purity.

The Almighty calls you does not condemn you; and even though you’ve lived in error, He comes to us bringing his grace. It is enough to want to participate in His Love.

Wait for the special person that the Lord has for you and live at the right time, may you have all the blessings in body, feelings and soul.

God bless you!

Sandro Arquejada

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