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Mar 152017

25966158172_e25222d9c2_zWe can lose the battles, but the war was won. Christ is alive and resurrected, is in the midst of us to lift our spirits and confidence

The angels said, “Woman, why are you weeping?”. She replied: “They have taken my Lord and I don’t know where they put him” (John 20.13).

Mary Magdalene went to the Tomb early in the morning to be at the side of the Lord, but when she got there, she did not find his body, the tomb was empty. She started crying compulsively, even angels who were present were giving her the first consolation: “why are you crying?”.

In our life we often encounter situations where we weep for sadness and disappointment, because something is not right within us. We cry due to losses and troubles; we cry because we put our hope where it failed because we lost someone very dear or because we received bad news.

There are those for whom the tears flow from their eyes, and also those who, perhaps, don’t let them fall, but are crying on the inside. There is a cry that is sadness, longing, need and comfort.

A very important thing: the risen Christ comes to wipe away all our tears and to lead us toask ourselves: “why cry? Why are you sad and discouraged? Why is my soul so upset? “. We need to answer why.

Mary said she was crying because her Lord had been stolen, He was not there. And why do we cry? Why does the sadness comes knocking on our door? We need to put it out, vent it and let the reasons that grieve our hearts and make us cry in life out of us .

Jesus is alive and risen. He is the solace of our soul and our hearts! We can lose the battles, but the war was won and Christ is alive and resurrected, He is in the midst of us to lift our mood, our confidence and doesn’t allow us to lose hope, whatever the situation, whatever the tribulation or anguish that we spent in this life.

Do not be discouraged, don’t give your soul to discouragement and despair, don’t give your heart to failure. Our ultimate victory has already been proclaimed and is among us! So if you have 1000 reasons to be sad, we have a single one that lightens our souls and our hearts definitely.

Be the consolation of mourners, the mood of those who are discouraged, the hope of those who are lost. Bear witness that Christ is alive, witness the one who met with him and that made all the difference in your life. Don’t bring discouragement, despair, do not create panic among the people. Do not use the expression “there’s no way!” There is a way, because, to death that seemed have no way out, Christ brought to life.

When a situation in life appears totally hopeless, sow the seed of resurrection.For even what appears worse and greater than is the Calvary, will sprout new life!

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo

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