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Mar 282017

Have we acted with mercy on the other?

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“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” The word ‘mercy’ is gentle, my brothers; And if the word is like that, what will not be the reality?

Although everyone wants it, they do not act in a way that deserves it, which is not good. In fact, everyone wants to receive mercy, but few want to give it.

O man, with what courage do you want to ask what you pretend to give! Therefore, grant mercy here on earth if you hope to receive it in heaven. Therefore, dear brothers, since we all want mercy, we must have her as patroness in this world, so that she may release us in the future. There is in heaven a mercy reached by earthly mercies. The Holy Scripture thus says: “Lord in heaven, your mercy.”

What is human mercy? That, of course, makes you look at the miseries of the poor. And the heavenly mercy? Certainly, that which grants the forgiveness of sins “(Saint Cesare of Arles, bishop).

Let us ask the Lord today for the grace to be merciful, especially with the poorest and neediest of this grace.

Jesus I trust in you!

Luzia Santiago

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