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Mar 302017

luzia2014It is not enough to hear what God speaks, it is necessary to exercise the experience of his word. I mean exercise, as it is a matter of life, a little bit each day. The important thing, in any situation, is to have this certainty in the heart: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is a saving strength of God to every one that believes. The just shall live by faith “ (ROM. 1, 16a-17b).

Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit received in the sacrament of baptism and developed in relationship with God by the power of prayer. This is the faith to which we are invited to testify today, without fear of being Christian, for our family, in our work, as intercessors of a people.

Let us ask Jesus  for the Holy Spirit without measure. Send, Lord, your Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the Earth. Come, Holy Spirit!

Lord Jesus, we pray for the situations of our lives, but help especially those who suffer many forms of tribulations. We scream for help on high: Come, Holy Spirit! Lord God, grant us the grace to help and support each other!

Luzia Santiago

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