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Apr 062017

Many of us have fear of the second coming of Christ

There is a place in Heaven that is ours, only ours. If we are not vigilant, it will be eternally empty.


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We’re just passing through, as someone who needs to make the way to get to heaven. And God wants us to live in a State of vigilance, preparedness, no fear, no fear, because Heaven is our place!

In General, we Catholic Christians we are afraid of the return of the Lord, but when Jesus comes back, the redemption will be full. Everything will be rescued, redeemed, brought to fullness. Jesus will be infinitely praised. The coming of the Lord will be something truly glorious.

Many times, we look only for the fact that He will come to judge us. Yes, he will judge, but if we fear God now, we should not be afraid of that day.

We can’t afford to lose time before the second coming of Jesus. We need to preach salvation so that people may see in us the power of the Holy Spirit to ensure their salvation and that of their families.

Your brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib

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