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May 032017

pe_rogerWe need to teach the commandments of God to our neighbor

We must not only observe the commandments, but teach others to live them

“So, who disobey these commandments, no matter how small, and teach others to do the same, is considered the least in the Kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5, 19).

We want to note two important things in the teaching of Jesus to our hearts today. The first of them is not to disregard the commandments, not relativize the commandments of the law of God, which are ways for our salvation, the route that every Christian, every man and woman of God needs walk to be part of the Kingdom of God. The commandments of the Lord are life for our life!

Don’t take the commandments as prohibitions, or inquisitions, “do this or do that.” Place the commandments of the law of the Lord as life for our life.

Every commandment has the loving presence of God in it, since the first-love is for God above all things-the last, which calls us not to covet anything else. These commandments are divine. What is divine is life, is sacred; is life for our own life. So, I say to you: don’t disregard the commandments of the Lord.

Sometimes, we are accustomed to do one thing, and that thing is wrong, then we say: “The other commandments I keep, but this one …”, and when we say this, we relax and, even more, the heart hardens; so, we start to disregard what is so important, and we can’t let it go. We cannot ignore even one commandment of the Lord.

When we need to review our life, when we need to put it in the light. The first thing we have to look at is how our reflection is for the commandments of the law of the Lord. They are like mirrors that help us to review our relationship with God and with our next. Always look for this mirror, for we are together again, to do this daily examination of conscience, not only when we go to church to confess, but every day, we are together again with these commandments.

The second thing is that we must not only observe the commandments, but teach others how to live them.

If you realize you’re wrong and still failed to correct the error, ask the grace of God to fix it, but never fall, please, on bad teaching what does wrong so that the other also do.

I’m sorry, but there are people who take advantage of everything they do and to consider these dishonest advantages as something honest. In addition to what is wrong, you still want to teach others to do also. Don’t do it, we’re being dishonest with us, with God, with our conscience and morals.

We learn the correct ourselves every day, but let’s not fall into a greater evil, doing wrong and teaching the other to live in error.

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo
Canção Nova community priest, journalist and collaborator Canção Nova Portal.

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