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May 092017

We should aspire to the mercy of the Lord

The Lord wants Mercy to  happen to us. Is beautiful as is inspired by the liturgical calendar. Today is the day that the Lord is willing to pour out his His mercy, which is infinite, and He was the one who revealed this to Saint Faustina. Pope John Paul II instituted the feast of mercy and died on the eve of one of these feasts. The liturgical feasts are celebrated on the eve, then, from 6:oopm hours,the ceremony begins .

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Already into the feast of mercy, the Lord took Pope John Paul II. God had a special choice. Today, he [John Paul II] intercedes for all people, for them tobe open to Mercy. Saint Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 1, 12ss: “Thanks to the one who gave me strength, Jesus Christ our Lord, because I judged worthy of trust and called me to the Ministry, who once was a blasphemer, persecutor and an insulter.But reached for mercy, because I hadn’t received the faith and acted out of ignorance “. Paul railed against the Christians and persecuted them.

Jesus tells him: “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me? (Acts 9.4). How many injuries did commit against Jesus. You know your life and know everything you’ve done. You know the wicked ways you are following, your sins and hardness of your heart. He knows your past and your present, and now He’s coming to save you. There is the mercy of the Father to accomplish the salvation in Jesus. You may say: “I walked the wrong paths, but the Lord was with me.” Jesus is with you. We believe that when we dropped the ball ‘ he forgot us. But no, instead, he’s pretty close. If that’s ingrained in you, that you get that mentality.

There is Mercy from him: the heart of Jesus is our misery. You had the grace to have a personal encounter with Jesus, this unforgettable moment that the Lord gets in and changes the direction of your life, it comes with so much mercy and forgiveness, which we welcome. If you haven’t had this grace, do it today. He is working in your heart, don’t leave it for later, Jesus is taking your heart in his hands. Mercy is the place of sinners.

Saint Faustina says in paragraph 1146 of her diary: “put your hope in my mercy the greatest sinners.They are more right than others to trust in the abyss of my mercy. My daughter, write about my mercy for busy souls. Cause I enjoy the souls who turn to my mercy. These souls I give graces that exceed their requests. I can’t punish, even the greatest of sinners, if he has recourse to my compassion, but the answer is in my unfathomable and inscrutable mercy. Writes: before coming to the just judge, open wide the doors of my mercy. Who doesn’t want to pass through the door of mercy, will have to pass through the door of my justice. “

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community new song

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