Steps to Inner Healing

We all have need of inner healing.

Passos para a Cura InteriorIn my time in God I am convinced that one of the most important factors that we need to live in our lives is the process of inner healing.

When you walk this path of a deep inner healing, you discover the sources of the more significant ills afflicting us, and then we need to seek the means necessary for these evils can be definitely solved in our lives.

Yet I have learned with the legacy he left us of our beloved Father Rufus Pereira who repeatedly taught us that a spiritual healing does not happen before the person goes through a deep inner healing; because otherwise the person can continue in their compulsive habits of sin.

A very clear example is in the case of a drug addict, it will be very difficult to achieve his or her definitive cure unless he or she is healed inside of the causes that led to drug addiction.

Father Rufus also said: “the inner healing is a key type for total healing of the person. Similarly without inner healing, he cannot experience that physical healing that requires first this inner healing nor experience deliverance. “

So I thought it was important to highlight some steps that we can concretely take to begin our inner healing process.

An important thing is when we enter this inner healing process nothing can be undervalued or overlooked, everything should be taken very seriously, because it is from these facts that we’re going to make a life in full freedom!

Three steps can be listed to begin our path to inner healing:

The first step is to recognize that there is a need for inner healing, and find out in which area of your life that this cure need to happen. This is the moment of the diagnosis. It is necessary that the person if notice, observe your life, look for other people to help – there count on the main help for this diagnosis that is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

And you might wonder: How to find out the problem that I have?

The answer, found in medicine itself, on what we see in doctors ‘ offices.

Our first attitude is stop and examine all the symptoms that we bring that may be connected to what we believe to be our problem. It is important that the physical and emotional symptoms are also examined. It is necessary to determine symptoms: fatigue, sadness, envy, jealousy, anger, despair, anguish, and so on, because these symptoms make it easier to identify the problem.

Care is needed with the diagnosis through the knowledge of all the symptoms.

The second step is to remove the locks to inner healing. To achieve a cure requires a correct diagnosis of the emotional symptoms related in the first step.

Father Rufus helps us saying, his experience indicates that there are four major emotional symptoms in which we need to go deeper and understand by which of these emotional symptoms are emerging physical symptoms or even emotional diagnosis of the first step.

They are:

-Feeling of Rejection: Usually it happens in our relationships with other people, being more pronounced when these people are very close or have some kind of blood bond with us.
Rejection happens when we feel that we are not loved or respected for as important and by those we love. That doesn’t mean that in fact these people don’t love us or lack respect, but we feel like this, we don’t feel that love.

We wanted these people who are so dear to us we look at us differently, to have other attitudes with us; We wanted to actually feel a little bit of love on the part of these people.

We should not blame anyone for this, it is very important within our healing process.

-Feeling of inferiority: This feeling is about the relationship with ourselves. Usually when we live the process of comparisons. Comparisons with the brothers, with classmates or even with other people. “You’re not as smart as your brother”, “you’re too slow, I’m going to have someone else do it…” or words like: “you’re stupid, you’re unable to do that.”

With this we start seeing ourselves in a manner in which we feel less than other people, a self-pity develops and can bring you to feeling of hatreds against yourself, and end in the extreme in self-destruction.

-Feeling of guilt: This feeling usually rises when we made many mistakes and we felt that because of these mistakes God will not forgive us or love us. The feeling of guilt is a terrible thing! It’s something that if we don’t take care it can lead to severe consequences, I met people who had the desire to kill themselves because they feel guilty for something and cannot  not forgive themselves. The guilt can easily lead a person to deep depression.

The Bible teaches us that: “If your sins are like Scarlet red, they will be as white as snow” (1.18)

In Jeremiah is said: “I have Already forgiven your sins, your SIN I will never remember.(Jr 31, 34)

And yet St. Paul tells us: “in Christ Jesus there is no more condemnation.(Rm 8, 1-2)

-Feeling of Fear: Does not concern the common fears from adverse situations happens to us. But says fears without a certain logic, without reason, as for example, the fear of the dark, fear of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, afraid to be in the middle of a crowd, fear of solitude, fear even to breathe because of bacteria in the air.

And as this fear arrives in our life? Generally by what we hear from other people, and then we started having these fears. We listen to certain things, certain subjects, and that they come into our mind with a force that we can’t control.

That’s why the Bible repeats more than 360 times: “be not afraid. Fear nothing. “

These are the four main areas in the need of inner healing. So it is necessary to pray to the Holy Spirit for light illuminating the dark areas of our life so we can identify the cause of the problems that we carry today.

And arrived exactly on the third step is prayer: After we identified the symptoms and discerned where are they are showing up, it’s time to pray and ask God for our healing, for the healing of our history. It is necessary to allow God through the Spirit to act freely in us to heal us.

In short: We need to diagnose the realities which surround us, feelings and emotions, our physical sensations, we carefully make a clarification if these symptoms are linked to the feeling of Rejection, to the feeling of Fear, feelings of Inferiority or feeling of Guilt.

Identifying the source of these symptoms it is the time to pray! Pray in the light of the Holy Spirit so that He can visit these areas of our lives and Heal us and release us.
It is important to say that it is not something simple, and that is not done only once. This process is sometimes a hard process that requires hard work and dedication.

We already have a good material to begin our walk towards our inner healing. Let’s not forget that this requires much effort and desire. God will do nothing will unless we do the minimum that falls to each one of us!

I hope you can share the results of your search.

Pray also for me and for all that the Lord wants for me ok?

God bless you!

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