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Jun 302017

Saint Peter's Square from the domeThe great Bishop of Cartage (d. 258 A.D.) poses to mankind this central question:

“The enemy was unveiled and defeated by the Coming of the Christ, (and) he schemes new ambushes to deceive naïve people, (hiding) under the Christian name itself. He creates heresies and schisms to subvert faith, corrupt truth and break unity…”

“How can faith be protected by people who do not keep that unity Paul recommends us?” (ref: The Letter to the Ephesians 4, 4-6). “How can they affirm they are part of the Church if the forsake Peter’s Ministry, on which the Church is founded?”

Saint Cyprian has clearly showed us the central importance of the Unity of the Church. It is worth plunging in his texts, written more than 17 centuries ago:

“Those among us who guide the Church as Her Bishops must firmly keep and defend this unity, and give testimony of Episcopal undivided unity… Episcopal Ministry is one single reality and each Bishop shares its totality. The Church is one single reality although it embraces the world and grows continually in Her fecundity. The same way there is one single light in millions of sun rays, a single tree in uncountable branches, a single trunk supported by uncountable roots and several rivers from a single spring, the same way the enormous crowd of Christians keep the same unity in origin although it seems divided by the tremendous and prolific diversity of the new generations. Unity does not allow a sunray to behave as a separate entity of a solar center; broken branches will not grow and if you dam the spring the river will immediately run dry. Likewise the Lord’s Church pours Her light over the world as one single light that casts uncountable rays but never loses its unity. She unfolds Her branches all around the world with great fecundity; She flows along rivers with generosity but it is one single Head and one single spring, one single origin of one single Mother of immense fecundity. We are all children of Her womb, nursed by Her milk and vivified by Her spirit.

Christ’s wife cannot be transformed into an adulteress: She is incorrupt and pure, She does not know more than one single home and keeps with chastity the sanctity of Her single talus. She keeps us for God and gives the children of Her womb to the Kingdom. Those who divorce the Church to follow an adulteress also divorce the promises of the Church. Those who forsake Christ’s Church shall never receive Christ’s reward. They become strangers and profane enemies. Those who do not have the Church as their Mother cannot have God as their Father. Those who are outside the Church will find the same salvation of those who stayed outside Noah’s Ark. The Lord exhorts us: “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters” (Matthew 12, 30). Those who disturb Christ’s peace and harmony are Christ’s enemies; those who gather elsewhere, outside the Church, scatter Christ’s Church.”


Professor Felipe Aquino


Professor Felipe Aquino is a widower, father of five children. On TV Canção Nova he presents the program “Escola da Fé” [School of faith] and “Pergunte e Responderemos” [Ask and respond], on Radio he presents the program “in the heart of the Church”. On weekends he preaches deepening meetings throughout Brazil and abroad. He wrote 73 books of Catholic background by publishers, Loyola and Cleopas and Canção Nova. His teacher’s Twitter: @pfelipeaquino


Jun 292017

When we cry, the Holy Spirit Washes Our soul

We are a body, and that body is suffering, but we have to take advantage even of our sufferings. They are part of everyone’s lives, and we cannot ignore them. So be happy of that your condition that makes you cry. It seems that the humiliation that makes us cry, that with each teardrop rolling out of our eyes is a sight for sore eyes of God.

The Lord sees us in the depths of our being. and this action is beautiful  helping us benefit from our suffering! First, as I already mentioned, suffering is part of life for all. Then, there are those moments that one feels a bitterness in the heart, that squeezes inside, leaving us just to cry.

When we cry, the Holy Spirit washes our soul, which is impregnated with impurity and sin, so we suffer. The washing of the Holy Spirit in our interior causes the tears. In these moments, God takes advantage of coming directly to us, we are without masks, needy, and is in tears spilled from the heart that He can welcome us. 

Your brother,

Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPII 

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Jun 282017

Adoração ao Santíssimo

We are renewed in the Holy Spirit every day

We need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit every day. Our prayer groups and communities need to be wells to which we return each week, people are in need of the spirit of God.

Our prayer groups and communities need to be like swimming pools where we dive into the Holy Spirit. To get dry, we should plunge into prayer, praise, worship the God to be filled again. All impurity and every contamination arising during the week is cleansed, because we go back to the source, the well, or better still, again we bathe.

We’re ready to start over. We are renewed in the spirit every day, maintaining a life of prayer, of participation in the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, forsaking all sin, living in charity with the brothers and sisters, feeding the soul with the word of God and working for his Kingdom in Union with the Church and its pastors.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community Canção Nova

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Jun 272017

Adoração ao Santíssimo

Happiness without God is an illusion

If you want to be happy all your life, choose God’s will and do not turn back!

In life we all seek to be happy. Happiness is something that every human being yearns to have and wants for his life, however, happiness without God is an illusion!

We may even have moments of fleeting happiness, but with God even in the midst of sufferings we are happy!

May the Lord bless and help a person be happy doing his Holy will.

An embrace from your brother,
Shahir Rahemane

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Jun 262017

Adoração - Procissão com Jesus Eucarístic

In the Victories and Defeats, let us not forget God

Illusion is illusion. Spend your life working, but what’s the point of all this? We are born, we die, and nothing changes. The wind blows to the North and South without getting anywhere. Life is too hard, our eyes don’t tire of seeing nor our ears of hearing. History always repeats itself. Nothing new, everything has already happened.

The book of Ecclesiastes is by a man who, even looking at his victories and defeats, with his pessimism and optimism, his hope and despair, God is not forgotten. We will have to answer to God for all that we live, to what is done in secret, whether good or evil.

The conclusion of the book of Ecclesiastes says rightly: “end of the speech, heard all things: fear God and observe his commandments, this is what it is up to each human being. About all the things you do, God will call in mind all that is hidden, whether good or evil “(Ecl -14 12.13).These are the last two verses of the book of Ecclesiastes, and if we meditate on the entire book, we will see be a copy for our life.

Your brother,

Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPII 

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Jun 252017

Many times when people think of God, they think of sin and redemption. So they learn to avoid sin so that they may go into Heaven. Yes that is part of our Christian life.


There are a multitude of teachings on the need to avoid sin and seek to do good. All of which is true, but there is something else that Jesus warned was powerful at leading you away from God that almost no one teaches. I would ask you to find the strongest fire and brimstone preacher and ask him how many times he taught on what Jesus warned would lead us away from Him and I would bet he would rarely preach on it.


We find it in today’s Gospel. It is fear and its companion vice anxiety. These are not sins in themselves. No one needs to confess the sin of fear, it is a powerful emotion as is anxiety, but, they can so paralyze us that they can lead us to despair of God’s love for us, paralyze us in our inability to live the faith and so many other things. In fact, the Bible warns us 365 times not to fear.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus has just chosen the twelve disciples and now he is giving them instructions on how to live as his Apostles. Notice his first sentence. “Fear no one.”


One of the most powerful times Jesus scolds the apostles about being afraid is when he is sleeping in the boat, while the apostles are fishing and a great storm comes upon  them. They in panic wake Him and Jesus gets up and literally shuts off the storm. Immediately, his first words to them are “Why were you afraid?”


It is fear that leaves the Apostles to abandon Jesus completely and hide as He is being crucified. It is fear that leads Peter to deny Him and it is fear that leads the Jewish leaders to turn Him over to Pilate to be executed. They were afraid that the Romans would see Jesus as a troublemaker and come in and destroy the whole Jewish state.


In fact, the devil’s greatest tool is not temptation it is fear, because fear can paralyze is, leave us to abandon Christ or even just shut us right down.



What is it that you may fear? In a recent study by Chapman University published in October of 2016, the list of fears basically demonstrated that people fear what they cannot control. It is that factor that could change one’s life immediately that leads people to be in fear of  their government, world and personal lives.


The fears are legitimate, but what do we do about them.


Remember, Jesus can take the worst that happens to you and change it into a powerful miracle. Ask me about a friend who was diagnosed with cancer or about when my car was stolen, both are powerful stories that do not involve miracles per se, but take a disaster and turn it around.



If you cannot control it, there is no reason to worry about it happening.


It may happen, it may not, but there is nothing you can do to change it.


So what can you do about your fears. Go back to Jesus’ words. Trust in Him.


The Apostles are being sent by Jesus, they are actually going out as revolutionaries to change the society. They are non-violent revolutionaries who will change the whole world. They will challenge the status quo and they will suffer for it. Jesus does  not warn them against what may happen, but what will happen. He says, nevertheless. Do not be afraid.


The same can be said to you. We have a call to challenge our culture by doing nothing more than living our faith, will we challenge people? Yes. Will some reject us?  Perhaps. Our only response is to stay faithful to God and trust in his providence and mercy.


But that includes also the daily events of life of which we have no control. Job loss, disease, family problems, we have little control over these, but we do have God’s providence through them. Remember, Jesus teaches us that it is easy to live when nothing is going wrong, but only those who put their faith in Christ and trust in his providence will stand when all goes wrong.


St. Pio de Pietraclina, also known as Padre Pio taught: pray hope and never worry. This must always  be our role. No matter what happens we must trust in God  because it is fear that can drive us away from him. But if you trust in him even in the most difficult of circumstances your fears will lead you closer to Him for he will show you his presence in the most stark of circumstances.


Never, never fear, it is a command from Jesus. It is his first command once he has appointed his disciples, why? Because fear is the one thing that can stop them, but trust in his providence can help even overcome the most painful and difficult of realities until they enter the kingdom of God and all that it promises.

Fr. Carr is member of the Segundo Elo  of the Canção Nova Community. He is the parochial vicar of St. Michael’s Parish in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA and is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find on Youtube You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr and on Google plus as+FrRobertCarr, his website is Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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