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Jun 142017

Let us apply ourselves with commitment and dedication to remain United in the vine Jesus

“Abide in me as I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, if you don’t stay on the vine, so also ye cannot bear fruit, if you do not abide in me “ (John 15.4).

That’s how the Master Jesus is teaching us. Remaining in Him means to be attached to Him, and to live in communion with him. There’s no point in being of Jesus, being in the Church, if we don’t remain in God, in his word, in His Spirit and in deep communion with him.

After you walk a certain time in Church, after you already know the word of God, our heart will experience that trend of self-reliance, to find that we already know, that we are already masters, doctorates in the things of God, we can go out on our own.

But, of course we need mature and grow in faith, we must not forget the essential lesson: always remain connected to God. The more that we mature in the life of the spirit, the more we are called to be rooted and connected in God! Until we can do a lot of good things, for our own ease, by provision of our hearts, for the natural inclinations that we have, but we will only bear fruit if we abide in Jesus. We go to church, talking about beautiful things, that touch the hearts of the people, but the fruits will come only if they are linked and connected to Christ Jesus.

How do we stay in Jesus? First, the path of excellence called prayer, because it is our communion and connection with him, with the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

There is no Union with God if we don’t pass through prayer. We cannot dodge or escape it. We are even tempted not to pray anyway; so, we’re succumbing to this temptation and relaxing, leaving aside prayer. The important thing, we succumb to think is that God understands us.

The Lord understands us; don’t have any doubt about that! But it is the communion that weakens, the bonds of love are going to break, not by God, because He never leaves us. It is our spirit that will grow weaker, losing direction, because what feeds our fellowship with God is prayer! Let us apply ourselves with commitment and dedication to remain United in the vine Jesus, because He wants to remain in us.

God bless you!

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