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Jun 152017

Santa Missa com Monsenhor Jonas AbibThen the Nations will call you blessed, as this will be for you a delightful land says the Lord of hosts “(Ml 3:1-12).

This word of God leads us to a joyful way of living, because we started to see that God is righteous in everything and wants to see in us a life of blessings,grace. He loves us and wants to see us happy, and there will be  joy, blessing in our home, family, community.That’s what God wants us to do. More than ever, we all have to do that role of John the Baptist, be forerunner of Jesus.

God, in the book of Malachi, says the arrival of precursor: today, the Holy Spirit moves them all to be “precursors of Jesus” for the new coming from him on Earth. Nobody can pass unnoticed, apologize and say I didn’t know this day was coming. 

Remember that the Gospel passage that speaks of the lamps, the bridesmaids and reckless. Are  we those virgins? Do you or don’t you have the kerosene for your lamps? God doesn’t want you to worry on when He will come, but he wants to come to us.

God bless you,

Your brother,

Wellington Garden (Eto)
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