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Jul 132017

One who is a child of God knows you can’t sell oneself for any price

Dirty money is rotten, and when it falls into our hands or in our pocket, it rots the heart. How can we then get in front of God? Or kneel before the Blessed Sacrament to adore him and ask him for the graces we need? Jesus asks us a disturbing question: “what’s the point for one to gain the whole world just to lose his or her soul?”. Every one has a price.

Each is sold by the value of his dignity. As a child of God you know you can’t sell yourself, because your value as a “child of God” is priceless. On the contrary, one who sells him or herself or is corrupted, loses  infinite dignity. In our ambition, do not measure how to win. That opens us up to  theft, corruption, quarrel, and we don’t know how to manage it.

We live in fear of the scandals and we don’t have peace, because our conscience weighs on us. You can cheat and steal from everyone, but we can’t shut the soft voice of conscience, which is the voice of God. And if we silence that voice, we become a wild beast, destructor.

Your brother,

Wellington Garden (Eto)
Co-founder of the community and administrator of FJPII Canção Nova

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