God Surely Loves You

God loves you, so much, He sent His Son Jesus to the earth to show you that it is possible to love

Padre Márcio José celebra Missa Solene da Festa da Exaltação da Santa Cruz“Then open yourself totally, there is the statement, God loves you surely, and Jesus is your brother!” (Excerpt from the book ”Refletindo em Deus”).

What a beautiful joy to be part of the divine family of Christ! If we all understood the meaning of the true word “family,” then we would never cease to love our neighbor, for within us we would have a ceaseless love for all.

If that still does not happen, do not give up, because God loves you and sent His Son Jesus to Earth to show you that it is possible to love independent of anything.

May this day renew your call to be the child of God, who is Love, and thus lead you to make a demonstration of love for those around you.

God bless you!

Embrace from your brother,
Shahir Rahemane

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