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Aug 032017

In homily, Archbishop João Inácio Müller explained how the date was established, which grants plenary indulgence to the Catholic faithful

Jéssica Marçal

Bishop João Inácio Müller, bishop of the diocese of Lorena, during the homily / Photo: Reproduction TV Canção Nova

On Wednesday 8;2, the Catholic Church celebrated the Day of Forgiveness of Assisi, which is a day instituted from St. Francis of Assisi in which plenary indulgence of sins is granted to the faithful Catholics. The date was remembered today by the bishop of the diocese of Lorena (SP), Dom João Inácio Müller, ofm, who presided the Holy Mass in the Shrine of the Father of the Misericórdias, in Cachoeira Paulista (SP), at the Canção Nova Community Headquarters.

From the Gospel of the day, in which Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of Heaven as a hidden treasure that brings great joy to those who find it, Bishop João highlighted the example of St. Francis of Assisi. A courageous and determined man, the saint had a change of life after he understood the depth of the Word of God. “When you meet God it’s like finding a treasure, you bet everything. How much we have changed in our lives because of our faith and our faith makes us bet everything, “said the bishop.

And in speaking of the example of Saint Francis, Bishop João recalled that it was from him that the day of the Forgiveness of Assisi was instituted. At a time when people were extremely afraid to go to hell, the saint had a vision of Christ and Mary surrounded by angels while praying in the church of the Porntiuncola near Assisi. “He felt within himself a very strong voice, realized as never before that in fact it is God’s desire that all be saved. St Francis could not imagine that anyone would not be saved, “said Bishop Joao.

It was then that the saint asked God that all who visited that church could be saved. God granted the prayer of St. Francis as long as he presented this request for indulgence to the Pope, which he granted. Since then, every day of August 2, this grace of indulgence is celebrated.

Bishop João left the invitation so that, today, who can, it is directed to a Franciscan church. If you do not have one, you can go to the parish headquarters, a cathedral or a basilica, confess (eight days before or after), participate in the Mass, pray the Creed, the Our Father and the intentions of the Holy Father.

“It’s a very beautiful grace. We see how St. Francis lived with intensity this real desire of God that He wants to save us all, He does not want to lose anyone “, concluded Bishop João.

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