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Sep 272017

In ancient times, men thought that the sun revolved around the earth; was the geocentric system. Then they realized how ignorant they were, for the Earth was nothing more than a little planet in the midst of a great system. Today, men have built a system far worse than geocentric: the egocentric system, that is, the person is the center and everything is geared toward it. In fact, God is the center and not our needs. We seek God for God’s sake. We can not seek Him because of our interests, our health, peace and happiness, because we are in need of health, money and so many other things. If we act this way, we will be in the world system, the old man and egoism, the prince of this world; and nothing will ever happen.

God bless You!

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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