Abandoning Sin and Living in the Grace of God

When we speak of the grace of God, we speak of God himself

Alexandre Oliveira
Photo: Daniel Mafra / cancaonova.com
Jesus revealed himself to Paul on the road to Damascus. In spite of being intimate with the Lord, the apostle says he would not boast because of this because of this vision.

“Let my grace suffice thee,” Jesus says to Paul, who understood this message of God for his life. Paul understood that his weakness was something that brought him to the Lord.

Be careful not to confuse things! For when we speak of weaknesses, we say: “I live falling into this sin, my weakness is this sin, it is this vice, etc., but God pours his grace into my life.” That’s not it!

In the letter to the Romans, chapter 6, St. Paul says that when we live in the regime of grace, we do not live under the rule of law; and because we live in the regime of grace, we must walk in it. ” He also tells us that we can not make this grace of God in our lives to be in vain.

Do you know what is the most excellent work of God? It is justification, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us. What is justification? It is salvation. We sinful men and women receive the salvation of Jesus through the cross; and because of it we have the divine life in us. Because of this, this is the most excellent work of God’s love. Grace is the free favor that God gives us to respond to His invitation to become children of God, partakers of the divine nature, of eternal life.

When you speak of the grace of God, you speak of God himself. Then we begin to understand that we are called to live as true children of the Lord, and the true child of God experiences in his life a joy that does not pass away.

Follow Jesus Christ for the rest of your life, do not let Him go, do not let Him go. Stay with Him, no matter what. We are living in evil times, and there will come a time of apostasy, where men will repudiate God instead of worshiping Him. Let us not think that we are free from it, for if we do not abide in the Lord, we may fall.

God is not looking for the most intelligent, the most learned, He is looking for the true worshipers, men and women who have the courage to put their knees on the floor and say, “The truth is one, the truth is Jesus Christ, He is the way, the truth, and the life. ”

Do not be fooled! There will come a time of persecution, a time of trial, and you will not be understood even by your family, because of your faith. The good news is that God never abandons his elect.

Alexandre Oliveira