I Seek Your Face, Lord

Seeking God’s face must be a continuous act in our lives.

Seeking the face of the Lord is an opportunity given to us every day. We can not think of perfect situations to do this, because every moment is the time to seek the face of the Lord. Not only in the sanctuary or at the time of Mass, but in front of every act of the Christian’s life.

The Psalms are an interesting example of what our quest for God must be. It is difficult to read a Psalm and not identify, for they are expressions of man, his longings, his praise and repentance to God.

David is undoubtedly the best known psalmist, and it is interesting that many of his Psalms were composed in the midst of affliction.

Like any human being, David lived moments when he lost his way, feeling bewildered, estranged, and desperate for the presence of the Lord. Who does not go through this? Who does not go through moments when he misses, loses the ground, the target, loses the north and the goal? At that moment, David sets the example for us, because, even bewildered, he sought the face of the Lord.

When we lose the reference in God, three things settle in our lives: fear, cowardice and discouragement. Perhaps today, you are bewildered, indulged in vice and sin, being confused and unworthy, but this is the day of seeking the face of the Lord. He wants to help you find the north, change your life, and it all begins with the search for the face of the Lord.

When we begin to tread this path, withdrawing fear, cowardice and discouragement, we are filled with hope, courage and courage and valor. Genuine transformation in the life of man only happens in intimacy with God.

The Lord only comes into our lives when invited. Have you invited Him into your life? How long have you been looking for the face of Him? Let us decide today to seek the face of the Lord, for problems and times when we lose direction may occur, but we must know where to seek our north.