Now Is the Moment to Accept Jesus as Lord

Jovens chegam na Canção Nova para o Acampamento PHN.Jesus gives us the opportunity to accept Him as the only Lord

Our people today are indecisive. Even those who are in the Church and have received the grace of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they seem like little birds that jump from branch to branch, between God and sin, or, between God and the sects, the healers, fortune tellers and crystals. emphatic: it is not possible to serve two masters. By resorting to other masters, not to God, in the hope of finding solutions to marriage, finances and illnesses, we contaminate ourselves and those with whom we live and love. We must renounce this, confess it and be set free. Imagine you are drowning in a muddy, muddy river, and the Lord throws a rope to save you. What do you do? Despise the rope? No! You must cling to it, for you can not withstand the current. It is time to cling to the rope thrown by Jesus and let Him save you. This is accepting Jesus as Savior, for He will show mercy to us. It is about our salvation, since we do not want to get lost. We are the chosen ones of God.


Monsenhor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community