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Nov 092017

Pregação com Astromar MirandaThe Word is the leaven of the Kingdom of God, which comes to give quality and consistency, to transform

“He is like the mustard seed, which a man takes and shoots in his garden. The seed grows, it becomes a great tree, and the birds of the sky make nests in its branches “(Luke 13, 19).

We can think of a grain of mustard seed as insignificant, small, almost invisible to the eyes, worthless. We only value it when it is planted, when it grows and bears fruit.

The Kingdom of Heaven is insignificant for many, because sometimes one has other things in life, such as his goods and longings, his work, his search and vanity, but then these things disappear. And what flourishes, abides and creates a whole new life is that despised seed that seems insignificant.

I am a witness of lives transformed, renewed and changed thanks to the seed of the Gospel.

When we look at our lives, it may seem that the Gospel means nothing, it’s more of a book or something, but it’s not. The Gospel is not a book, but a life, a person, is God himself, it is Jesus by His Word that transforms us, renews us, that renews our whole life needs.

Let us accept the Word of God in the heart as a small word like so many others, but it will become the most significant, the most important, transforming and renewing of our life. It is like the leaven of the Kingdom of God, which comes to give quality, consistency and transform when it allows itself to be transformed, renewed, healed and liberated by this Word.

May our whole heart be taken and taken care of by all the force that the Word of God has to transform and renew us.

God bless you!


Father Roger Araújo
Priest of the Community Canção Nova, journalist and collaborator of the Portal Canção Nova.

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