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Nov 142017

translation: Stay Strong My Child

The ability to love is in you.

To love is first of all a decision. Decide for love. The point of order for you is, “Do not be afraid to love.”

Many do not have the courage to love because they have suffered too much in family, marriage, with children; were affected by diseases; had difficulties with the business; disappointments of love, in fact, countless situations that have led them to not love.

Perhaps you have suffered a lot and, of course, do not want to suffer again and this makes you stop loving, thinking of avoiding possible suffering.


But be assured that, regardless of any suffering, it is in the love given that salvation is for you. It is in love-giving that the people with whom you relate will be saved.

Despite disappointments, family problems or whatever the situation, LOVE. Decide for love! Tell those who are disappointed with everything and everyone who does not stop loving. It is not just the young people who need to wake up to the love, long grown-up, married people who need to rediscover the grace of LOVE. How many people harbor disappointments, many people have a revolted heart. They become victims of the revolt itself be it with an alcoholic, irresponsible, absent father or an unfaithful, brutal, authoritarian husband.

How many people disappointed with the family and so they are no longer able to love. But to love is life and not to love is death. It is necessary to relearn to love. Problems exist and shake the heart, but that is not why you will not love. God gives you the ability to love, the gift of love is in you, but the decision to love also depends on you.

If you decide for love, everything changes in your life. The world is of the one who loves! Whoever loves lives. Those who do not love die slowly. It is urgent to decide for life. Decide to love.

God bless you!

Your brother, Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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